Soccer Mom

What makes a soccer mom? Is it the quintessential mini van or maybe the oversize bag loaded with wipes and snacks? I am by the the very definition a “soccer mom”. I stay at home with my children and take them to various sporting events, bake cookies for special events and assist in school field trips. I do not have the mini van nor the oversize bag….my durango is loaded with sports equipment and with snacks. I am a soccer mom.B B I am notB quite sure how that makes me feel, whether its the thought of placing myself in that box or if I have spent so many years fighting that conformity that to find myself conformed is discerning.B I have considered this quite carefully and have decided that while I am accepting of this title and will add it to the rest of the titles that I have acquired, it by no means that I have conformed and I am still who I am and that is a wonderous thing.