I have this friend; he is highly focused, motivated and exceedingly anal. That is so very opposite of me that I just love to sit and chat with him. He has this goalb&yup thatbs right only one goal at a time for him. He has this goal, currently, some project that he is working on and he has tunnel vision, he has mapped it all out in his head, each step each minute detail and is painstakingly accomplishing them and even at times impatiently. I love just to be around him, he gets that VIBE. The VIBE that just humms through his system makes him bounce with energy and become enthralled in his project.
I went and hung out with him today. I wanted to feel The VIBE!!! Unfortunately as he was regaling me with the details of his bprojectb dragging me into his tunnel of focus and the energy was humming, I opened my mouth and threw out the olb monkey wrench!!! I didnbt mean toob&it just kind of slipped out. He was dumbfounded and looked at me so perplexed and I felt sooo horrible and you could feel the energy, The VIBE slowly drain. I felt like I had taken the babybs lollipop, kicked the puppy, well, you get the picture.
I had found the pot hole in his tunnel, quickly before he turned on me; I presented him with options. I wanted to see if I could distract and redirect while I quickly filled in his hole and sent him barreling back down his tunnel for completion. He listened, shook his head a little but then I saw the sparkle, the glintb&woohoo!!! It was working, I could feel the humm turn back on and then ever so slowly The VIBE came back and the energy was lit up like Vegas!!!
I absorbed that energy for a moment and then quickly and quietly gathered my things and backed slowly away from the tunnel and the addicting energy pouring out and made my way back to my world of organized chaos.