Trip to BamMaw's

Today I put my yungin on an airplane by himself for his annual trip to Kansas City. I was a little nerve-wracked but over all I was looking forward to the break from my high strung Aspie boy. I knew that he was going to his BamMawbs and Auntbs both of who would take excellent care of him and are more than capable of handling his needs and behaviors.
Over the last week, he and I have been preparing him for his journey, he told everyone that would listen where he was going and what he would be doing. I received several long confused looks that I had the audacity to send my yungin half way across the country all on his own to spend two weeks with my ex mother in law. I was taken aback by the responses, quite honestly. I realize that there are a lot of blended families and families that are non-traditional but what I didnbt realize was that once a divorce occurred that you were required to lose parts of your family. I have always, prompted and encouraged my children to have a relationship with my-exbs family. I have gone out of my way and bitten through my tongue more times than I can count to ensure that the family remains intact and close-ish.
I fielded smirks, innuendos and utter shock that I would allow my precocious yungin to visit the enemy campb&..I laughed at it all and told everyone that I encouraged my son to explore his redneck roots. I may not be married to their father any longer but my children will always be involved with his family. Family is family no matter what and when it comes down to it it takes a village, or in our case two villages, to raise a child!!!