Well, I finally decided to do thisb&.make my blog public. It was a tough choice for me and required hours of contemplation and lots of chocolate. I have always kept a journal and used to the written word to vent, whine and process my feelings.
I will now be making my prose, opinions and feelings public. I will be sharing my life of single mommyhood with a teenage daughter and a special needs son. What its like to live at home with my parents(I havenbt lived with them since I was a teen) in the country with various animals. I have had a few careers along the way and I returned back to school to embark on another path.
Everything that I post will be my own experiences and my own feelings. All names will be changed as I am pretty sure that while my family and friends have no problem vocalizing their thoughts and feelings they may not necessarily want them written, categorized and posted for posterity. Any links, buttons or x-tras that I add here will be because I like them, they amuse me or I feel that they need to be shared in my portion of the world. I would never try to purposely offend or disparage anyone personally or their beliefs.
I have decided that I will embark on with this blog wholeheartedly nothing held back to share not only my life, but my adventures in dating, high school sports and my sonbs Aspergers. I will state up front that I am a huge movie buff, chocolate connoisseur and Starbucks junkie!!!
All that being said, I welcome you to the organized chaos of my life, devoted to my children, family and myself. I thank you for stopping by and welcome questions and comments. I hope that you will enjoy, maybe chuckle and see all the lttlewys that I am crazy, endearing and charming!!!

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