I'm thinking about Bogota

I wonbt say that I frequently have moments where the kiddies make me so frustrated that I want to run screaming to Bogota but tonite, I was actually looking up plane tickets, I mean breathing deep and taking it all in stride. B Currently The Jock and The Yungin are both engaged in full blown poutin hissy fits.B Usually itbs one or the other and lasts only a short moment of time.B Not tonite though, nope we are going full blown on hours!!! I am ready to pull out their hair.
I had the audacity to suggest going to a museum as one of our last summer things to do to see a spectularly fabulous exhibit.B I even suggested to The Jock she invite a friend or two. You would think that I told her that I was going to take a sledgehammer to her IPod.B The following ensued…bwhat mom do I really have to go?? How lame, no one really wants to go, how lame!! (sidenote-I did get lame twice) And then I got the look, yup THAT ONE!!B WTH?!?B That was over two hours ago and still holding strong.B In that time I have been ignored, glared at, got the huffy face and disgruntled grunts.B I am waiting for the “You are so mean and can’t I just go hang at my friends??” Yes, my precious Jock, I am cruel and totally unreasonable to attempt to broaden your horizons, educate your mind, feed your soul and take you to a fab lunch.
I do, of course, realize that spending one of the last days of summer going through a museum may not inspire joy and laughter and perhaps she doesnbt share my love of history and fun facts.B I did consider that and hence, the bribe offer to bring along one of her friends would lessen the pain, not to mention the fab lunch that I planned to ease the cruelty in addition to the fantablousness of spending the day with her brother and I.B Nope that so didnbt do it.B So in another crowning mommy moment, I stuck my head in her door and told her to get over it!!!B Since I am compromising and understanding that way.
Now The Yungin, his lilb pout is, well normal and easier to overcome.B He decided that I was the bworstest most damaging mommy in the WORLDb I was bdamagingb him by not letting him play video games.B According to him video games improve his fine motor skills and help him develop his ability to focus.B They are necessary to reprogramming his neurological snaps.B I think he meant synapses.B Yes, I am a psychology major and yup he helps me study.B He is also, super super smart.B He gets an otter pop and all better.
Who says boys are harder then girls??