V-Day, I tried to Ignore You and You Used My Kids Against ME!!

I have never been a real big fan of the dreaded V-Day. Even when in a relationship, I still wasnbt too enthused. I felt that love and friendship should be celebrated every day with the all little things that make the world go round and healthy amounts of chocolate!
My plan this year was just to allow the holiday to slip by. I was goin to enjoy the ignoring of red hearts and commiserate with everyone as they struggled to plot bthe perfectb event for their loved one. However, my children have once again foiled my plans and are forcing me to bake and embrace the candy hearts.
The first indication of my plan change came last week, when my son announced the party in his classroom and that he volunteered to bring cupcakes. (These mystical cupcakes that I would be baking from the Martha Stewart Cupcake Book) That was followed by the next day and further volunteerism of bringing bGoody Bagsb. Grrrrrrr!! Ok, I can do this. I asked him what he wanted to dob&he said he wanted to show his friends how much he appreciated them. I just wanted to make sure that I had things that werenbt candy!
Not to be outdone, the girl, she wanted to take things to school to hand out to her closest girls and then make dinner for her bestest! Ok fine, one simple dinner menu coming up and trinkets for high school teen girls.
Now a few days before the bBIGb day, I am thoroughly entrenched in plans and lists!! The cupcake recipe has been selected, list made for the store and Target. I will probably swing by the Dollar Store to peruse the cheesy offerings there. Contents of goody bags have been discussed, certain suggestions have been discarded and some approved.
I have spoken with my sonbs teacher about the party. I will not be putting any candy in the goodie bags as the selected cupcakes are all 10 kinds of sugar-yumminess!!
I have embraced the holiday as a time to do special things for my children! I will be preparing special treats of love and adoration while cursing the cupcake process!! I am still not too fond of the holiday and would just like to climb into my jammies and sleep the time away but I will try not to burn the cupcakes and resist the urge to mock the teenbs futile attempt to retain her inner kindergartner whilst my children spread all the love and friendshippedness that V-Day signifies!
What will your Goodie Bags have in them??