A Happy Memory, That is No Longer Sad

Today is my Grammiebs birthday. I remember it every year, along with the date of her death. She has been gone for almost 16 years now, she died unexpectedly-suddenly when my daughter was only four months old.
I miss my Grammie and I know my mom does too. I miss that she only had four months with my daughter, that the last picture we have of her is the one of the four of us together, that she never met my son nor did she ever see any of the milestones we have all made and while she was integral in raising me she never saw the true grown-up or mother that I became.
That last picture, I insisted on it, I pushed for it at the time I didnbt know that it would be the last for her, nor did she otherwise I think she would have been more receptive to having it taken. It took me two weeks to convince her to do it. I was just preserving a moment in time. I was documenting four generations of women in my family. I had no idea that it would be just that, a moment in time, never forgotten and never to be seen again.
My Grammie was my haven, she was my place to hide when I was young. She introduced me to Louis LbAmour , Perry Mason and Guiding Light. She quilted, by hand, quilts for me, my kids and knitted me the best blanket EVER.
I practically lived there for my entire youth. I begged and pleaded to go over there. We shared a bed at night, staying up late watching Perry Mason. She quilted while I read books or watched soaps with her. I still have all those quilts, the one she made out of the scraps from her clothes, my mombs clothes and even mine!!
She taught me to sew, crotchet and make chicken fried steak in true southern style!! You see, my Grammie was a true Okie, moved to sunny California during the Dust Bowl!! She could fry and cook with lard Crisco like nobodybs bizness!! Made clothes for herself and for me!
I thought that writing this post would make me sad, instead it has brought back a ton of memories and feelings that make me smile and chuckle! I could go on for ages telling stories, reliving my childhood memories, donbt worry I wonbt!! (At least not during this post)