Assuming A Healthy Lifestyle Doesn't Always Work

Food, eating is extremely important in my house. Not just because it necessary to sustain life but because there are three who love to cook, to experiment and to create in the kitchen. This love however, is tempered with conditions.
For instance, The Yunginb has sensory integration, certain textures, colors, tastes can create sounds in his ears that hurt him or cause meltdowns. Then there is The Jock, she needs increases in carbs and protein to help her body maintain her grueling athletic schedule. Last, The GbMa, she is trying to lose weight and battling diabetes. She is trying to maintain her weight and diabetes without having to take medication to control it.
We frequently pour through cookbooks, cooking magazines and websites looking for new recipes to try while accommodating all the different tastes. Part of the challenge is that GbMa canbt have carbs (carbs for her convert to sugar in her body), The Jock needs carbs and the Yunginb wonbt eat eggs, butter or cheese (One of those ingredients tends to be a component of 90% of all recipes)
In case you were wondering, I didnbt intentionally leave out myself or The PopPop, we just are not as picky and/ or donbt really have the need to be as careful about our diet lifestyle change as the rest of the family. Yes, we could both stand to lose a few pounds, eat healthier. Also, I am not particularly fond of cooking. I definitely, prefer the kids to do it. Actually, I am in such support of it that they will both be attending summer camps that will help them to become better in the kitchen. My goal, of course, that I will never have to cook again, not that I cook much now!!!
I digress, lately, I have been more focused on really making sure that the Yunginb is eating and watchin to make sure GbMa is being careful with her sugar levels. I assumed that the Jock was doin ok. Yup, ASSUMED. She knew what she needed to eat and she knew that she wasnbt doin that. She finally asked for help(I will be taking the MOMGUILT now).
Last night, we sat down to discuss her eating habits, what could be done to help and how I can help her. I am eternally grateful that she came to me for help and we worked out a plan that can work for both us. We will work together, actually, she will do all the work and I just monitor and make suggestions.
I know that things are not going to be easy, the foundation for healthy eating is there in both kids and with spring/summer right around the corner, we will have the garden and the fruit from the orchard.
I am certain that I will be chatting more about this, as there are so many components and all the challenges it poses as I try to accommodate all the needs in the house while secretly having my affair with CHOCOLATE!!

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    1. Thank you so much. Meal time is a circus at our house!

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