Please Don't Hate Me, It Is Tradition

So Thanksgiving is next week…that will, of course be followed by inundation of Christmas carols blaring from stores, holiday festivals and never being able to find parking or whipping cream at the store!! For me and the kids, it’s the time of year that we adhere strictly to certain traditions.B Why you ask?
See, my mom, loves to bake and cook!! In fact she loves the season so much that she takes all her vacation starting the week of Thanksgiving until the new year!! That’s right she is off for the next six weeks.B She has already compiled her menu for Thanksgiving (this is actually a process and takes days) Also, she tried again this year to change the one thing that I love, the ONLY thing that I ask for…anyway, she called me last week to make sure that I was available.B No, not to bake…we all acknowledge that cooking skills miraculously skipped a generation and my sole purpose is to reach the stuff off the high shelves, run to 3 different stores coz we are out of whipping cream and to schlep the boxes up and down the stairs. *I’m currently on a quest to acquire black licorice whips so if you know where I can find them locally…they have to be really skinny*
ALL of which, I do gladly…why?? Umm, hello, mom is an amazing cook and you know what happens when you are in the kitchen washing the dishes or reorganizing the silverware when some kind of chocolate yummy gooey goodie comes out of the oven?? Yea, you get to taste it!! Actually, you get to taste everything.B The other amazing thing, mom bakes about ten different types of cookies, bars and the infamous chocolate covered peanut butter balls and she can not eat any of it!! That’s right she bakes all this magical yumminess for ME. Ohh, all right, some of it’s for my Dad(he gets the thumbprint cookies & pecan pie) and I am thinking that my mom will make me share with my siblings again. Whatever!! She can not eat any of the stuff that she bakes.B She is on a no carb, no sugar diet. That is how amazing she is, how much she loves me us.B And she does it cause she loves to bake and cook.
I was over there yesterday and the lists have already started.B List making, I did inherit that.B She loves loves lists.B Menu lists, store lists, decorating lists and a list for the cooking schedule, I am sure there are more.B Next week will be all about Thanksgiving.B Then, as tradition dictates, we will start Christmas!!
Ohhh, that one thing that I love, that I have to have for Thanksgiving dinner…Sweet Potatoes!! They are made in an iron skillet, smothered in butter (ohh yea, BUTTER), brown sugar and Caro syrup. Mmmm, the sweeet, sticky yummmy goodness!! Just like my Grammie used to make.
So, over the next month or so as I twit pic some of the yummy baked goods that mom makes, or check in to a bazillion different stores seeking English Brown sugar or whipping cream, please don’t hate me coz I wait all year for these goodies and really, it is tradition.B What are your traditions?

2 thoughts on “Please Don't Hate Me, It Is Tradition

  1. I love the Holidays, too. I come from a very close-knit but large family. Every year my Grammie hosts a little family reunion the week before Christmas.
    I look forward to it all year. She use to make fried chicken & mashed potatoes on Christmas ever every year but it’s become a lot of work for her, so we’ve instituted a potluck and that works fine.
    Sweet potatoes are also my favorite 🙂

    1. I have four siblings!! So at this point there are a lot of us 😉 It is a BIG family thing and my Mom just bakes and bakes!!

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