Technolgy Saved My Sanity This Christmas

Any one of my friends, both online and offline will be the first to tell you that I am all about technology!! I can frequently, be found late at night working off of two different laptops while checking my iphone.B So, it should come to no one’s surprise that a Holiday Tech Makeover is gold to my ears, better than any sort of makeover that I could ever recieve!!
Technology, especially during the holidays, is my bestest friend!! Otherwise, I’m afraid no one would see me with Santa or I may have to brave the mall (shudder) and I wouldn’t know which video games Santa* should be delivering to H for any of the multitude of

Telling Santa our wishes!!

video game systems that are in a tangled mess around the house!!B Naturally, of course, when I saw the contest for a complete technology makeover I had to enter( You can too, if you want) or just go check out Intel coz they kinda rock!! Here are the lovely links Blissfully Domestic and Intel
This holiday season has resulted in the download of no less than 5 apps on the good ol’ iphone to assist in shopping dilemas, late nite exchanges over twitter for the best gift ideas for the non-geek that we all know and love and let’s not forget the marathon of holiday movies that have been playing over and over again since the 1st of Decemeber. ( I have yet to see Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation, iconic Christmas movies).B It has also, resulted in a crashed computer, broken video game system and a serious lack of sleep on my part.
Would I survive the holiday season without technology? Meh, probably…although, it it a lot more fun to chat on Twitter with my friends, commererate over the perfect gift with them, compare horror nightmares.B I would also, probably survive having to go to the mall without the knowing ahead of time where the best deals are and I would probably be better off not being able to watch the 24hr marathon of Holiday classics, full of corny platitudes and holiday cheer!!B Yet, I am ever so grateful that I have all of this at my fingertips!!
*Yes, I have Santa’s email! How else am I supposed to tell him what I would like, altho I am not as special as my baby brother, who has Santa’s phone number.
**This is a contest, I received nothing for writing this other than an entry into the contest and while I am hoping that I win a complete tech makeover all the thoughts in this post are mine.