Mama Needs A New Ride….Game On!!

Many of you have seen the Creeper, y’all know what I drive.

The Creeper

My amazing Dad spent hours and hours fixing him, so he is safe and while The Creeper is a gas-guzzling beast, he is a good vehicle. Then, I was given the great opportunity to drive Stella, oh, sweet and sassy Stella and I fell in love!! Thanks again, Jim and Niello!!

Alas, I had to give Stella back (go here to see why) and while, the Creeper is reliable and what not ( I can even parallel park him in San Francisco), I really, really want a new car!! Seeing as we are a few days from Christmas, I did ask Santa…

However, there appears to be some debate as to which list I belong on Naughty or Nice!!B So, instead, I am asking the best people in the world, YOU!!B Yup, I am asking you, my bloggy friends, my twitter friends to help me.
On December 24th, Mercedes will be announcing the first round winners in their newest contest!!
Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race

Mercedes will be picking people to race to the SuperBowl!! Teams will “race” to the Superbowl while tweeting for fuel and completingB tasks along the way!! The prize??? A 2012 C-Class Coupe. Yup, that’s right…a brand new MERCEDES!! swoon
Here is what I am asking….Tweet, repost and then watch on the 24th to see if I made it to Round 2!! “like” Mercedes Benz USA on facebook.B I am not sure what the rest of the contest entails, as Mercedes is keeping the “game” pretty quiet for right now.B Use the #MBTweetRace hashtag.B Several of my friends are entered as well, as of yesterday, there were over 1000 entries!! Wow…I plan on helping them “tweet” for the Race as well. I love to see a good race and help out my friends!!
So, pretty, please help a girl out coz Really, Mama needs a new ride!!!!
Mercedes-Benz Coupe

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