Never To Tacky, Holiday Wonderland at Home

Hanging the Stars
Hangin the stars!!

You will hear those words A LOT at my parents house!! Oh, not at just anytime of the year, yet at this time ( day after Thanksgiving into the New Year) “Over the Top” “Add More” and “Never to Tacky” are the mantra!! Now, I know what you are thinking and you can just stop right there, somehow or another, my amazing mother, manages to turn those phrases into something stunning and glamorous!!B It takes her a solid week (Yes, the kids and I help, yet she does most of the work) to turn her normally tastefully, decorated home into a winter wonderland that sparkles and shines in the spirit of the holiday.
While, my dad and I shake our heads, we willingly deck the halls, drape the garland and climb 20 ft ladders, we will spend the next month shaking the glitter from our clothes, bumping into 6ft toy soldiers and ducking our heads from the swinging Santa!!
Santa hangin' around!!

Every year, Mom changes things up a little and manages to mix in decorations that she has collected since my childhood with all the
Homemade Rudolph Reindeer
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

new additions(Most acquired at the Dollar Store)!! Yesterday, over at the house, she hung an ornament that I made in kindergarten for her. I love that, I love that not only is she so excited and happy but that I can tell my kids stories about a lot of things around the house.B Things that I or my siblings made or even ones they kids made. B My mom has wrapped up memories and tradition and history and preserved them.B And each year, she spends a gazillion hours putting them all out after I have schlepped them up and down the stairs!!B These are only a few pictures and just a couple spots in the house, there is also, a Nutcracker collection and a few more Santas and twin 6ft Toy Soliders!!
Checking his list
Santa & Stockings

Kissing Angels
My Mom has had these forever!! Kissin Angels

Snow from the ceilings

Christmas tree 2010