Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I do know it’s really Christmas Eve, but my family has always “done” our Christmas today, so as I sit here and type this, the rest of my family will be descending on my parents to gorge on fabulous food, lovingly prepared by my Mom, The G’Ma and open the fantastic presents left by Santa!!
See for years, I’ve told my kids, that we are special. I mean, we are, however, in this case, we really are!! Santa stops by our house VERY first!! It’s coz my dad, Pop Pop, is very influential with Santa (He totally is very powerful, if he had a Klout score it would be off the charts) **If he knew what Klout was, that is** Anyways, since he is all knowing and powerful, he has spoken to Santa alot!! I usually can get good behavior from H with that knowledge.B So, the presents are at the house just waiting to be opened and appreciated, No ingrates at our house!!
We have several traditions that will be happening today (Watch facebook, coz I will def be putting pics up there later). It basically boils down to a lot of laughter, lots of food (COOKIES) and my baby brother dressing up as Santa to hand out the presents!!Yes, we have our own Santa suit, Don’t you??
Baby Boy, Santa
Uncle Bill, our Santa!!

I hope that your holiday celebration will be as fun and filled with laughter and family as mine will be and I know that I will be missing some friends this year as they celebrate in other places.B I will be thinking about them and hoping that they are as well loved as I am.B Ohh, and I am sure that by the days end I will be a little more crazy, stuffed beyond belief and happy as can be.
Christmas Cookies!!


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