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I have always admired parents that homeschool, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would join their exalted ranks.B Yes, I fully believe it takes an amazing person to homeschool and I never felt that I was that person, that parent.B Yet, here I sit, planning out a day in the life of my son, in complete control of his education.B A homeschool parent.
We have been at it for the last couple of weeks.B It’s been interesting, to say the least.B I have discovered a few things….

  • I still suck at 6th grade Algebra
  • H is much happier waking up on his own
  • H has no concept of time
  • I now expect his participation in my Skype conference calls

I have always have issues waking him up in the mornings for school.B ALWAYS!! Omg, the horrors and the meltdowns, no matter what time he went to sleep, waking him was akin to World War IV.B It was miserable for both of us, the letting him wake on his own?? BEST thing EVAR!!
He has always been a schedule kind of guy, loves the routine (Hello, OCD). When I took him out of school, I worried about that.B I have found that when he is given tasks and time frames, he does alright.B I am more able to gauge his mood, now that he is with me ALL the time.B That allows me to pick and choose what he does.B End result, less meltdowns, less triggers for anxiety.B In fact, most of his self-soothing ticks have stopped.B Yea!!!
About that tasking, time frame thing….We now use a timer *Thanks, Julie* to complete tasks, to work a certain amount of time in a particular subject.B The other thing, I am able to be more creative with his school work.B We are going to use his blog for English papers (Y’all can go “grade” when we get going), Math is done in the kitchen, Science is a series of experiments and our literature…

Our "literature"*

I am still concerned about how I am going to work on his social skills, he is still content to play on his own and since he spent three years at his last school and has yet to ask about or miss anyone from that school, it’s apparent that he really didn’t establish or build any friendships there.B B Yes, that is a concern and a WHOLE ‘nother blog post.B He will be involved in my business and will be roadtrippin’ with me.B Why?B He learns so much, I am surrounded by brilliant, passionate people and H emulates unconsciously the behaviors and attitudes of those in his world and he becomes so inspired and open.B I am hoping to “open” his world, using Social Media, of course.B So if you Skype me before 8 at night, expect to see H and perhaps hear him throw in an idea or two!!
We are not really using traditional education, we have no school books and most of our school work is done on the computer.B We are using non-traditional tools and the education plan was created out of the box.B He interacts with only me a lot of days.B The temptation to play Kinect ALL day is hard to resist ( We still need Dance Revolution, for P.E., of course) and we don’t normally get out of our jammies til after noon. Yet, I really think that H is much happier and more stimulated.
*The books from above- Scott Stratten~Unmarketing, Rudyard Kipling~Just So Stories, Rick Riordan~The Lost Hero, Robert Aitken~Taking the Path of Zen~ we are reading several other books as well, including Roman/Greek Myths & Gods and huge amounts of WWII history!!

4 thoughts on “Education, Mommy Style

  1. Wow, what an adventure you and H are having, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I honor your journey!
    ~ They sell these timers online that are supposed to be for kids, but I’ve always wanted to get one for myself. The timer starts green, then turns yellow as you approach the final 10% of your time, then turns red when it’s time to stop. They are shaped like little towers. (I work at home, and on many days use kitchen timers to stay on track.)
    ~ I’ve often considered that social media channels are well-constructed for certain biological brain-style differences (ADD, Aspie, extroverts) because someone can touch-and-go, and participate on their own terms, and if the communication feels restless or intrusive at any point, it’s easy-exit and on to the next task. I’m very curious to see how you implement social-skills tutorials within the day. Please do report back. It’s fascinating on many levels. Not just for H, but also for everyone as our culture enters the digital age.

    1. Social Media is easy for him to communicate since he doesn’t have to worry about body language or tone of voice nor is he restricted due to his age. I have, also, found that people in social media( at conferences) are more open to speaking to him at his level vs treating him like a child. Twitter and FB have opened a whole new world for him and I think will teach him so much more then anything else. I agree with you that social media channels are easier for people with differences in their brain make up to participate in a world that is more accepting.
      As for the timer, we are downloading one for his computer today. It’s funny how that seems to work when the clock and just telling time don’t.
      Thanks for the support and you will definitely see how we progress!!

  2. You know we started homeschooling this year, too. We’ve been at it for 2 1/2 months now and it’s going really well. My guys has SPD & ADHD so his busy kinder class was stifling him. We are going through a charter so we have a nice budget to play with but we aren’t forced to use traditional teaching methods.
    The funny thing is that I’ve found that he does really well with a lot of structure, whereas a lot of homeschool families are totally structure-less.
    We still do a bunch of non-traditional learning, though. We turned a lunch at Del taco into a science lesson yesterday, lol.

    1. We are exploring non-traditional as well. Using a lot of differ books and hands on experiments. We have no school books and find that works well for us. Normally, he does a schedule however, with all the chaos of the holidays and the with me working…I am steering him away from that need. I have to take him everywhere with me, including biz meetings. We set up our schedule the day before, or at least try. We should exchange tips 😉

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