Time to Recharge


Yesterday, I did what any work at home-homeschool-mom does…I called my Mommy.B Actually, that isn’t that unusual, I pretty much talk or see my mom every day.B The benefits of living 2 miles from my parents.B However, yesterday…I needed to ask for help (something I have a hard time doing), a reprieve.
Yesterday, I overslept…I never, ever do that.B True, I do keep odd hours, some nights only getting 4 hours of sleep and that seems to work for me.B After that, I missed an important email and it was only 9 in the morning.B It seemed that Thursday had it in for me.B Actually, the whole week was conspiring against me, with broken websites, unfinished projects and misunderstood conversations that left me in tears.B So, I took a step back…
With that step and that time out, I realized two things…I hadn’t taken any “me” time since H came home and I needed to have adult conversation with real people, face to face.B Not Twitter, not Skype but real live human contact.B I have learned that I need to recharge, that I have to take time for me or I become useless.B Ohh, I still function just not at my best. For whatever reason, this time I didn’t see or realize that it was that time.B I missed the clues, the tears of frustration when I couldn’t figure out something for a website I was working on, the refusal to ask for help out of sheer stubbornness and more importantly, I missed that I was disconnecting from my friends.B I could no longer tell when they were teasing me and instead felt that they were attacking me.B I have amazing and passionate people in my life and they wouldn’t attack me, ever.B I just couldn’t see, I couldn’t tell that I needed to take a walk.B I just kept telling myself that I needed to push through, that things will calm down later…until I it hit me, all these things were building up and it was time.B Later is NOW.
So, thanks to my wonderful parents who are taking H, I will be heading out this afternoon to see friends.B I’m going to set aside the 5 unfinished posts that are haunting me, ignore the mountain of laundry taunting me and not worry about next weeks school schedule.B I am going to eat, laugh and share my precious adult time with old and new friends.
Do you recognize when you need to recharge?