Who Is Talking About You?

I talked about being a brand advocate and why I talk about you, your brand and your company.B Twitter and Facebook are great places to find out what people are saying about you both good and bad.B They are also, great tools to use to create and connect a community, to listen and engage.
For as much time as I spend online “chatting” I am offline just as much.B I make sure that I can meet and talk with as many people as possible.B Yes, the conversation may have started on Twitter, only I make sure that it continues and strengthens via other forms of communication.B Does your company?B Have you even started the conversation?
Saturday, on my journeys around the city, I was able to cruise with some great Twitter friends.B @NickKellet and @TaariqLewis.B Our ride?? The Audi A8.B Sweet ride, really sweet ride.B Taariq was given the opportunity to drive the Audi around for the weekend from an event he attended at Klout HQ.B Of course, we tweeted and hashtagged (#HowdyAudi) our journey.B By that evening, Audi was following me on Twitter…Awesome, right? Sure….except, that was all they did, they didn’t engage.B They didn’t start a conversation, they took a step and stopped.B Hmmm, there I was talking about them ONLINE (and I was not the only one talking about them that weekend or the ensuing days)B and you can guarantee that I took that convo offline.B What is the point in working with Klout and Twitter peeps if you aren’t going to engage when the conversation starts?
Conversely, the other day, I retweeted a congrats to a friend of mine who received a rockin pair of shoes from Heyday Footwear.B A company, I knew nothing about and had never heard of.B Guess what? They said “Thank you”B That simple opener, sent me to their website.B Had me perusing shoes and talking about them.B A few days later, we had a chat.B They engaged and then continued the conversation!!B Ohhh, and the owner runs the account and he is quite liberal with his coupons!!
Bose is the same way….several months ago, I randomly tweeted out that a power surge had killed my Mom’s washer, Bose radio and various other things, guess what?? YUP, Bose responded.B They tweeted me ” Please call us, we will help you” That single tweet, earned them my business, my mom’s business and loyal customers forever.
A few days ago, it was pointed out to me that Starbucks has a Gold card.B Ummm, WHAT?? I never knew.B This is my new goal to acquire one (#Going4Gold).B That aside, the conversation lasted over a few days between several people and even extended to comments being left on one of my foursquare check-ins.B Most of the comments included @Starbucks or @StarbucksCard.B Hello, perfect opportunity for a company to jump in…to engage several obvious addicts customers.B Did they? No.
Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are tools, it is a way for you to connect, engage.B How you or your company uses that tool is up to you, my feeling is I am a consumer, I will be going places and spending my pennies with a company that “cares” about me and my friends.B Does responding to a tweet mean that a company cares about me? Not really, it does however show that they are interested in what is being said about them, it tells me that they have recognized the power of Twitter and they are going to harness it.B I’m not saying that they are using Twitter or Facebook wrong, however, I feel that they are missing a huge, ginormous opportunity to create a community and connect.B My other feeling, my friends and family trust me, they know that IF I am talking about a company they want to listen.B My thoughts and feelings are going to mean more to them then any commercial they see or coupon they get in the mail.
Who is talking about you and to you….Are you listening and are you talking back?
Yesterday, I heard from Heyday shoes…thanking me.B I expected nothing less from the owner, Darin.B He told me, he is “the BRAND” and he walks the talk!!
This morning, I recieved this:


@Audi @lttlewys Hi Brandie, we are listening… just working on something special for our followers. Glad that you enjoyed the A8 w/ @taariqlewis.
Yup, that is Audi, they heard me call them out yesterday for missing an opportunity to connect with their community, their customers after teaming with Klout for that very chance.B Awesomeness Star to you, Audi.B Way to start the conversation and engage!!

10 thoughts on “Who Is Talking About You?

  1. When explaining twitter and facebook; being there is not enough. You need to meet engage and communicate!
    Your insight is right on point, its an introduction then a meeting takes place face to face, belly to belly.
    Thank you
    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto and waiting to meet you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, twitter and facebook are just the facilitators to meet, to make that initial connection…a relationship needs and wants more. Definitely, face to face and since I’m a hugging kind of girl…probably belly to belly as well!! Glad you came to visit & look forward to meeting you!!!

  2. I love it when through twitter or facebook brands comment to consumers about their products whether good or bad.
    I agree with conversations offline as just as important and online.

  3. Great post and right on target. 🙂 It makes ill when people show their “how-to’s” and it seems like they are just perpetuating visual “junk mail” with cold posts. They need to be warmed up with some human touch and interaction.

    1. Thanks, Heather. I think that you and I are on the same wave-length with visual “junk-mail” Of course, I’m just following your lead, when I grow up I totally wanna be a bad-a$$ just like you.

  4. It’s like these big brands are stuck in the “pushing” their message out mode. And that message, at least with big brands, seems like is always run by a legal team somewhere in the deep recesses of the company. It’s not enough to listen, you have to engage. I’m with you on that sentiment, @lttlewys

    1. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me that you came and visited. I completely agree that most brands, not just the “big” ones are so busy pushing their message that they neglect or ignore the very people that they are trying to reach. It isn’t enough to just listen or just respond to the negative (as most companies are wont to do) People want to know that as consumers they are respected and valued. I could go on for hours, so I’ll stop there and just say Thank you.

  5. I was very surprised that even the @StarbucksCard twitter rep didn’t chime in during all of our mentions. She’s helped me a out a few times already this year. Would have been a perfect opportunity.
    Glad we are still coffee buds, even if I did “hold out” on my Gold card status. Let me know when you reach that 30th gold star.

    1. I wasn’t to surprised by the lack of “chiming” in from @Starbucks, although, disappointed. I am eagerly awaiting that magic Gold card!! It’s even cooler since I hooked up the Starbucks App on Facebook. I’ll take coffee with you anytime 😉

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