Fashion, New Petz and More…

Video games are HUGE here, we have several different systems and we are always on the lookie loo for new games.B Games that challenge and offer something….

Ubisoft sent us a couple of games to try out. To be honest, I didn’t think that H would play them.B They aren’t his thing.B I figured Woot, games for me…Yea, I was wrong.B Before I even had a chance to even check out the packaging and see how to play, he had the first game loaded into the DS and was off to the races, literally.
The first game, he spent three days playing…yes, you read that right, three days!!! Every second of his “game time” was spent working on this game.B The game….Petz Nursery 2.B H loved this game, he was sooo excited to have his “pet”, he chose a penguin the first time out.B You have to feed it, play with it and basically take care of it.B I let him have a little more game time with this game since he was so involved with nurturing his pet and keeping him happy.B I watched him, shop for food and earn the money to take care of his little penguin.B The music was a bit much for me to listen to as much as I did, but the game totally made up for that.B You had the option of toys and food and a ton of different petz to play and take care of.B He kept up a running dialogue with me informing me of every little thing that he did!!
Imagine Fashion Stylist was a bit different….I had to sit with him a little bit more to explain and help him.B Then I promptly sat and played for over an hour without him.B Fashion Stylist was pretty cool.B You dress and style your avatar and send her off to work in the mall.B At the fashion store in the mall you are tasked with first getting to the store and then with outfitting your clients in the most trendy clothes available.B I was a little challenged in understanding how to find where I was supposed toB be in the mall.B Once, I figured that out, I was entertained trying to find the clothes that make my customers happy and fashionably dressed.B It was challenging to find what they were looking for and watch the prices as well.B I really liked the fact that it was completely interactive and for the most part easy to understand.
Both games were a lot of fun and I was surprised that H wanted to play with them.B Not only did he play them but he played them for hours.B I would say that these are great games for the older-ish kids and highly interactive.B They can play on their own and with a little help from a parent, they will provide hours and hours of entertainment.
*I received the games from Clever Girls Collective.B I did receive the games in exchange for my review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own and I received no other compensation.B Thank you Ubisoft, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.