West Meets East, Cali Style!!

Yikes!! Do I have a lot going on…If you have been following me on Twitter, you have probably seen whispers of some of the happenings!! So, let me take this opportunity to bring you fully up to speed and lay out the entire story!! I’m totally excited and there is going to be lots of happenings in the next few weeks!! B Y’all probably know that H is in Missouri for just about the entire Summer and The Elusive Teen is now a Senior in high school *sob* and well, is doing her own thing!! That means, I’m pretty much on my own this Summer… I jumped all over the boss’s suggestion to attend to some bizness on the East Coast!!
Starting on Saturday, I will be traveling!! B This will not be my normal, average roadtrip as I head East.B And, since it’s me, of course, I have come up with a hashtag for my adventure!! #WestmeetsEast.B I know complete and total twitter addict!! That being said, this is technically a business trip.B No, really it is, I swear, well, at least some mostB of it.
I will be kicking my tour off with Boston!! I am attending Marketing Profs B2B conference. B Three fantabolus days of presentations, learning and meeting some of the greatest minds in marketing!! As well as, a LIVE BlogChat with Mack Collier. B For those of you familiar with Twitter, you know that Sunday nites are full of the #blogchat hashtag as thousands flock to collaborate, share and engage with the brilliant host on various topics. B Mack has taken his show on the road and will lead the attendees and speakers in high-spirited discussion. B The live Blogchat is being co-hosted with my uber-intelligent teammate, Sam Fiorella. B Naturally, I will be live tweeting. B If you are interested in attending Marketing Profs B2B, Mack has a spiffy coupon here or if you want to watch from the comforts of your home, go here. Since, I am attending with my company, I will be tweeting from the Sensei Marketing account, so go give us a follow there and make sure to follow the #mpb2b.
I will be waving good bye to Boston and heading to New York!! Sadly, I will be missing the 140Conf NY hosted by Jeff Pulver. B Y’all know that I am a huge fan of the 140Conf and consider Jeff a dear and amazing friend. B However, I will hit the city in time to attend a final tweet up for the 140 hosted by the glamorous Sueanne Shirzzy ( I have a mad hot girl-crush on this chick and can’t wait to smush her)!! What? You will be in NY, too…Well, hit the party, it is being held in the fantabolous Roger Smith Hotel and the invite is here #hotjewelsinthecityB I would love to see you!!
After a few days in the Big Apple, I am going to take a short time out and head to Washington D.C. B I have some amazing twitter friends that I MUST meet!! And perhaps visit a few of the wonderful sites in the Nations Capitol!! Then it’s back to NY to finish out my trip.
To say I am excited is an understatement. B It’s been over 10 years since I have been on the East Coast. B Add into that, I chat on a daily basis with a lot of people on the East Coast, people that I now have the chance to meet in real life. B Though this is a business and pleasure trip, I will have plenty of time to not only meet with everyone but to play a little bit of tourist as well!!
Now, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t assure y’all that I will be taking you with me on my trip. B Coz, you know that I am… I will be blogging, tweeting and posting pics as much as possible!! Perhaps, even looking for suggestions…that being said, here is the first way you can help!! What are your travel tips? What should I see and do in the places I’m going to?
Ok, thanks in advance for all the tips and suggestions…I have to go start finish packing!! Don’t forget follow SenseiB Marketing on twitter to see all the tweets from Marketing Profs B2B!!

5 thoughts on “West Meets East, Cali Style!!

    1. Rofl!! Thanks, John…no, as it stands now this is completely an Eastern seaboard trip!! Altho, I would love Florida, Hmmm, I guess I should talk to the bossman and see what kind of bizness I can conjure up!!

  1. See, if I would have read this post first instead of asking multiple questions on Twitter, I would know your business travels.

    1. ROFL!! Ohh, please ask away!! and shortly, there will be pics 😉

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