Celebrate Success, Even When It Appears as Failure

Many of you have asked how the new school is going, how H is doing and thank you!! Itbs so incredible to know that I have so many people rooting for us, for H!! B Itbs been an interesting couple of months as we approach the mid-point of the school year, it’s going well.B Just to be clear, it hasn’t been all rainbow Unicorns and chocolate, H is in a regular school, in all regular classes for 8 hours a day and some days it’s to much and some days he is ready for more.
The new school is amazing!! Not all of it has been good, there are things that I donbt like. B Overall, totally mind-blowing!! B Itbs so wonderful to have H in a place where the people recognize not that H has disabilities but that he has amazing abilities and they are willing to maximize on those to make him successful, to help him achieve. B Every single one of his teachers has made some sort of adjustment to their lessons plans, to the way they grade just for H. B I am so in awe to finally find educators, teachers that see not everyone learns the same, that blanket grading is no longer a successful measurement of a childbs ability. B That perhaps, making a slight tweak will change a childbs enthusiasm and give them that self-esteem boost to succeed.All that being said, H is still struggling. B We are constantly re-evaluating what he is doing and how we can make it better. B We have both agreed that while we needed the time out of the system last year, homeschooling was not for either of us! As a result, H is behind in math and certain areas of grammar. B Itbs tru, Ibll be the first to admit, Algebra still confounds me. B We have agreed that he needs someone else, that he needs extra help. B Anyone know of a good math tutor?
I say, we, through, all of this, coz H is just as involved in all the decisions that are being made as I am. B With the exception of the IEP meeting, he is a part of all choices. B Our agreement, he and I, was that he will be given choices, two of them, I will help him understand the choices, the possible end results of those choices and he gets to make the choice. B If his course of action, doesnbt work then I get to over-ride his decision with an alternative that I think will work. B The hope, is to get him to think beyond the moment, to learn how to make decisions. B This is a challenge for him, as he only sees his perspective, he lives in his own world and doesnbt always see how his choices might or can affect others or even himself, neither short or long term. B Itbs been hard a few times to see him make a decision that I know isnbt going to go well, to see him fail and know that he is going to have to work twice as hard now.
Overall, it has been a good school year so far, we have had our challenges, Ibm pretty sure I am on the principals top-ten for speed dial which is better than being first on that list. B Itbs amazing the difference to both H and I, when we are viewed not as a problem or disruption but instead we are welcomed and supported. B Finally, a school that not only sets the bar high for H but is working with me to help him exceed our expectations.