It's a Special Day!!! Presents, Chocolate and Surprises

Today, is a very, really important day!! No, seriously, it is, like I should be getting presents and chocolate and maybe a bottle or two of Wine!! B What? You donbt know know what today is? Well, let me be the one to share with you….

Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

See, I think this is a fantastically wonderful day to celebrate!! Not just coz bOfficiallyb that is my job title with Sensei Marketing (Guys, Ibll be there Thursday, Ibll accept my presents then, MbkayThxBai). B I say bofficiallyb since I do a lot of different things for Sensei and if you ask Sam or Jeff, you may get a different title, something likeB Cheeky Monkey!! So many of my friends hold this position and itbs not an easy role to handle. And, I am completely thrilled and pleased to share this day with them!! Make sure you send them well wishes or presents, too, mbkay!! B Itbs fantastic that we get a day to celebrate and maybe explain more of what we do!! We have to be diplomats, babysitters, coax people to talk to us and my personal fav, even the occasional, Cat Herder!!
Really, our jobs are 24/7, we are constantly connected, we are open to the world to see and judge and wait, before you jump in with so is everyone else, let me point out that we are the forefront for our companies, we are that voice the customers will be looking to, we are entrusted with building and guiding a strong community of loyal and happy people. B More often then not, we are building simultaneous communities, the internal company one and the external customer one!!
Donbt get me wrong, I love my job, Ibm passionate about what I do, even though my parents donbt quite understand what that means, it’s ok, it makes me seem mysterious, rite?? B Community Manager seems to be such an ambiguous term that many people donbt quite know what it is and it’s a possibility that since itbs a different role within each company, that makes it seem, less or perhaps that makes it just seem harder to define. While we are all different, we are all very focused, committed and invoke goals and strategy that affect, the whole company, internally and externally. B (Wanna read a really awesome post about it.. GoHERE) Over the last couple of months, I have been chatting with and getting to know more people like me (Yes, we our own separate entity) and have even joined a few communities that are solely made up of Community Managers and have even made this groovy list of Community Managers!! (Thanks, List.Ly) This is such a growing field and with such diversity that a friend of mine decided to hold a conference!
Well, actually, an UnConference. B Yes, Tim McDonald the founder of MYCMGR is hosting a Community Manager UnconferenceB B #cmgrUNB in Chicago next month!! He has graciously allowed me to join the team helping him put it together*!! WooT!! Ibm soooo totally excited and here is the thing, first, we have some kick-a$$** community managers coming!! Secondly,B I am sooo thrilled, coz as of this weekend, we have confirmed Liz Strauss and Sean McGinnis as two of the speakers!!! Sean, whom I adore, is a great friend of mine and not only is he a smartitude dude, he also, is a awesometastic speaker!! And Liz, honestly, Ibm a huge Fan-Girl here, no, seriously, complete and total, *squee* Fan-Girl!! Not to mention she is mind-blowingly smart and fantastic speaker!! So, this is totally thrilling to me!! There will be few more speakers and we will be announcing them very soon!! (I just had to tell everyone NOW about Liz & Sean)
The second bestest part of the UnConference, we want to know, what you, the Attendees, wish to discuss, what kinds of things do you want to know? Internal communications? Building culture within your community? Who has the best way of gathering the best metrics and Analytics? Want to discuss KRED? Sooo, go VOTE HERE!! If your topic isnbt there, ADD it!!
*Ok, so Tim was tweeting to SOMEONE about it one day and I totally butted in being nosy and then begged him to let me help him coz I really wanted to go to Chicago again and the Unconference is goin to be totally rockinb!!
** I generally donbt curse over here, coz well, my Mom and Dad read this, not that they havenbt heard me use potty mouth before, I would rather not remind them of it to often!!

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  1. Congrats on your special holiday just for you! Have fun at your Chicago conference – though it sounds to me like you’re going to be doing work there too! 🙂

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