To My Community, My Friends

I’ve started and stopped this particular post several times, changed the words and nothing I’ve said has seemed to be enough and perhaps it won’t ever be, for the only words I have are THANK YOU!!

Since, I shared my breast cancer with you, I’ve been met with nothing but support, strangers that are now friends, reaching out to me, emails, DM’s, phone calls, skype messages, text messages and even snail mail.B Y’all sure do know how to reach out across every single platform!!!
I have felt rather helpless, knowing that you wanted to help, wanted to offer support of more than just words and IB just didn’t know what I would need, I didn’t know how to let you help me.B And, of course, y’all being the smart, loving and caring people that you are… You found the best way possible. (With some gentle nudging from some of my best friends, a plan was concocted)
Each of you in your own way, let me know that I was loved, cared about and that I was important.B The Sunday afternoon and evening before Morte’s demise, #BewbLuv really started to take off as messages of support and well wishes started to poor in.
Dave Reynolds donned his pink dress, ready to wear it until I was out of surgery.


Sam Fiorella, my colleague, friend and even sounding board, voluntarily gave up his coffee until I could once again enjoy it as well.B I know, Sam, I’ve seen Sam without coffee, I knew what a sacrifice that was and was completely blown away. Also, I’m sorry for anyone that dealt with Sam, sans coffee on Monday!!
In the early hours of Monday, as my friends on East Coast woke, more well wishes rolled in, as did the the wash of Pink across my facebook.B Then the most amazing thing, people started changing their Avi’s on Twitter & Facebook.B Thanks, to J.C, people were able to choose from several different avi’s!! A twibbon popped up.
One of my best friends, sent out his 100,000 to me, wishing me well.

As I headed into surgery, I was able to spend time reading the tweets but not respond to the mass amount of well wishes, hugs and love that was pouring in.B Not just from my Community, but from everyone’s community.B My friends, the people that know me best, had started making phone calls, my story was being circulated.B By the time I was home and safely tucked into bed, back on Twitter, #BewbLuv had trended in 5 different countries, 7 cities in the US and the tweets were still pouring in.
Y’all, awe me, I was completely blown away and knew that you had helped me in a way that I didn’t know I needed, you were able to distract me, entertain and in so many different, creative and simple ways give me the gift of friendship and support.
Within the next couple of days, a new page will be up here…. Simply titled #BewbLuv you will be able to find all the pictures, videos and links to all the blog posts written from that day.
I will be forever grateful to all of you, to the day the Interwebz turned my entire life pink and made my Bewbs famous worldwide.B Thank you!!

37 thoughts on “To My Community, My Friends

  1. So glad you are home now and the surgery was successful, Brandie. But so happy to hear that everyone’s thoughts and well-wishes helped to brighten your mood during that time. You are such a good friend to so many people, please know that we continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

    1. Thank you, Mack!! Yes, y’all are so the best!! I am so fortunate to have the best people in my life!!

  2. Thank you Brandie for sharing your story with the world. In doing so, you are helping to raise awareness about breast cancer and likely reaching women who need information and support but didn’t know where to find it. You are a brave warrior! Big hugs!

    1. Laura, Thank you! My story, while I am happy to share and hoped would help someone, has grown and become so much more then about me or even my bewbs. This story, is now an amazing tale of love, hope and what wonderful humans people truly are and you are essential to that. Thank you for being here and for finding the #bcsm chat.

  3. You are amazing Brandie and have surrounded yourself with amazing people. The power of friendship, community, and social media is proven yet again. Cheers and have a great Monday!!

    1. Thank you, Matt!! You & Annie are just some of the amazing, fantastic people that I am fortunate enough to count as friends!! Thank you both for your wonderful support!!

      1. Screen capturing this, you and Sam in complete and utter agreement 😉 Thank you, Sean!!

    1. Aww, Sam… thanks for making me CRY!! Sheesh!! Thank you, for giving up your coffee, for everything!! I’ll sneak you a cookie and not even one of the icky low-fat ones!!

      1. Only 3 words, Tim?? LOL!! You are really getting to talk like me!!

    1. Linda, thank you, thank you! Truly and I can’t wait to FINALLY meet you!!

    1. Thank you, Ty!! I’m not really sorry you are on SoMe Exile coz of me but I do miss you!!

  4. Nice to have you back where you belong Brandie, and we are thankful for a caffeinated Sam, I suitably dressed Dave …. 😉

    1. It’s fantastic to be back, I missed y’all!! And, yes.. I love Sam, I just like him a lot better when he has his coffee!!

  5. Brandie,
    You are awesome and the sheer amount of support that rallys around you illustrates what a fantastic woman & friend you are to so many!
    You rock!

    1. Thank you, Steven! I have amazing friends that when they put their minds to something can accomplish great and amazing things!!!

  6. You are an inspiration, and so incredibly brave. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. I am quite sure that you have touched more people than you will ever know. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I have been so fortunate to have so many wonderful and amazing people in my World and hope that I can not only be the same to all of you, my friends but to others as well!!

  7. Brandie, you are a beautiful, funny, courageous and brilliant spirit. I’m honored to be your friend xoxo

    1. The honour, I assure is completely mine!! Thank you sooo much!!

  8. It was so great to see you back online that evening! It’s just a little bit of what you’ve poured out into the world coming back to you.

    1. Thank you, Jill!! I totally missed you guys!! And, it was amazing, all of the sudden, my little World had Rose-Coloured glasses!!

  9. I am honored to be in your company in the social media sphere. You pushed through an incredibly scary time and made the best of what you were dealt with. Social Media has really changed the way we all go through crisis that is for sure. Now it is easier to have friends and strangers reach out and support those in need.
    I heard bits and pieces of what you were going through but didn’t have the time to really respond until now. I pray that you have the worst behind you and that you continue to make a speedy recovery.

  10. What you saw was a mirror! You are very kind and always willing to help others. I won’t forget that. Thank you for being you. #bewluv forever!

  11. I’m fairly certain that Monday, April 23rd was the single greatest collaboration that I’ve been a part of; and I was just a peon!! The collective effort of everyone involved was second to none and I’m still in awe about it over a week later. To all those people that said “you can’t MAKE” something trend… poo on you, we showed the social world what’s up! I’m happy that you were so touched by it and are recovering well. Kudos again to those who put it together and best wishes for you Brandie.

    1. Tony, in no way shape or form were you any sort of Peon!! I needed you and you stepped up and encouraged others as well!! I will be forever grateful to your part and those that participated as well to set My World on Fire!!!

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