Being In The Room, Even If You Don't Know Why…

This Thursday, I will be hopping slowly, shuffling myself onto a plane to head for Chicago!! Now, before y’all get anything all wadded up, I have been cleared by Dr. Q to travel, with restrictions and have been informed by my good friends that I will be carefully watched that I don’t do anything to much!! Soo, as much as it irks that I will have Keepers, I totally appreciate that they are stepping up and are even willing to risk my ire by keeping me on a tight leash.B The upside, they have promised to deliver all the coffee I want!!

This is not some random whim, this trip will be my first venture attending SOBcon!! Hosted by the irresistible Liz Strauss and the enigmatic Terry St. Marie, this 3day conference aimed at small businesses is bound to be amazing!!
Even though, I had “twitter” met both Liz & Terry, I didn’t really meet meet them until Los Angeles and Blogworld!! Liz stopped what she was doing and immediately had a conversation for me, she seriously said to me, I want to talk to you!! I was totally blown away, we were at a crowded conference, where she was very much in demand, I had no idea she even knew who I was and she really meant it. She wanted to have a conversation, not the usual chitter chatter that happens when you meet.B WOW!! I have always been a huge FanGirl of Liz, I just wanted to introduce myself and mebbe drool a little on her.B That simple conversation has led to the most amazing friendship for which I am truly inspired and challenged with.B Yes, being friends with Liz is challenging.B In a good way.B Terry, the same way…he invited me to email him (we were chatting speakers) and then offered to call me while he was on a business trip, before his day started.B Both, are not only who they are in the “Social” world, they are more!!
So, why am I attending, SOBcon? Honestly, I don’t know. I totally want to go, tons of my IRL friends will be there, many of my online friends are going to be there, smart people are going to be speaking…. so for the first time in 3years, I have no list, no agenda and no purpose.B Strange, right?
I will be working on a special project for Liz. I am uber excited about that, it’s not something I can share at this point but it challenges my Geek Gurl mind and since she had proposed the idea and suggested my part in it, I have been intrigued with it.
If you have never heard of SOBcon, take a look at it, check out the hashtag on twitter, there are going to be some amazing, brilliant in the room this weekend.B Some I already know and some I will be meeting for the first time.B The discussions are going to be fast and furious and brilliant.B There are times when being somewhere even though you don’t know what the outcome will be, what to expect or what possibilities there will be is a good thing.B I am thrilled to be in the room, even if I don’t know why!!

5 thoughts on “Being In The Room, Even If You Don't Know Why…

  1. Sometimes, you THINK you know why you’re there – then you find out differently once you’re in that brain-action-fertile environment. It will be fun for you, Brandie!

    1. Well, I know I’m in the room to see you!! It’s been to long, Steve since that little coffee shop in NJ!! Also, I have a feeling that not knowing exactly what my plan is, is going to end up being part of the experience as well. Can’t wait to see you!!

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