No Rest For The Bewbs or Me!!!

Soooo much!!
No, really… there is so much!! I love my life! B Let me share with you…
First, proof in fact, you can keep secrets in Social!! I surprised #140ConfMTL last week by attending. B Thanks so much to those that kept my secret and helping me accomplish the fact that I flew across the country and then drove to Montreal to pop in and surprise some of my bestest friends!! If you get a chance, go watch some of the videos….completely amazing!! Also, I finally saw Sam Fiorella speechless. B No mean feat for any of you that know Sam!! Much thanks to Josepf & Mila for letting me crash!!

Group NapTime Sam, Ric & I!! yes, my eyes are glowing in happiness!!

I then spent the rest of the week, looking for an apartment. Sadly, was quite unsuccessful!!
Therebs two ways you could help…

  • If anyone knows of any 3 bedrooms in Upper East/West side or East Village that is for rent, under 3k/month, pretty please send my way.
  • If you know someone who would should be talking to find one – send me their deets.

The rest of my trip to New York, I am happy to report was so exciting and wonderful!!

I spent some time at my new gig. B Now, wait, I am not leaving Sensei Marketing, Sam or Jeff. B I have always done small consulting/contract work in addition to Sensei. B This current job, is more than that though. B Not only is it at an awesome company, with some brillz people but I am also, being very public about it.
Without further ado, I want y’all to go say Howdy to Robert Moore (@MediaLabRat) and Peter Bordes (@MediaTrustPete) of Internet Media Labs (@internetlabs)!!
They are launching @Chirpaloo and @SeeSawMe and have hired me as their Director of Social Engagement. B I have been sending out some sneak peeks to people and y’all can go sign up for the beta. (Ok, pimping done) I hung out at my new office with them #TheLabNYC! Yup, #TheLabNYC is an open workspace & major collaboration space! If ur in NY come visit!!
Also, while there, I was able to meet the wonderful Rachel Yeomans. B She, soo, kindly invited me to be a guest on her podcast. B Yes, it is a fashion podcast and while we all know I am a Fashion Disaster, this particular podcast was about Coco Chanel and a book written about her. B I, completely adore the story of Coco and was quite happy to chat with Rachel about her, the book and we even asked someone to create us a special Magic 8 ball using phrases from the Care Bears!! CareBear Stare!! Anywho, if you want to listen go here! Also, check out Rachel’s stellar fashion mag. You can read it online or purchase the actual real thing. B I totally recommend getting the real deal, the artwork and stories are outstanding and it’s small, perfect to carry around!!
Now…. my bewbs. Well, it’s time for phase two! B This week, I have 3 separate appointments with 3 different doctors. B Yup, it’s time to make sure that Morte or any of his little friends don’t come back. B That means, Chemo and radiation. B My third appointment is with a genetic-type-doctor to make sure that I don’t carry any of the genes.
Today, I met with the most wonderful, bestest doctor. B Dr. B was incredibly patient, thoughtful and quite delightful. B We went over everything. B The short version, on Friday, I go to have a post( a thingamajigy that’s an open port to give me drugs) put in. B The post is so I don’t need to get an IV in every time I go to get my treatment. B I have sucky, tiny veins and well, this is going to be less stress for me. B I have asked for a sparkly purple one or mebbe they will have a pink one.
I will then start Chemo treatments next week. B I get a treatment every 2 weeks. It’s possible my hairs will fall out(that’s ok, I have lots and lurve hats), I may get sick (I have a few extra pounds I would like to shed, anyways) and I’m going to be tired. DUH, I’m already tired and have accepted NapTime as part of my day.
I can hear all of you thinking how is this going to affect #WestmovesEast and the great NY relocate. B It’s not. I have discussed with Dr. B and she is perfectly fine with me moving and anticipates no problems at all or that I won’t be able to make the trip. B For the next few weeks, we will be packing, dumping or selling all of our belongings. More on the PLAN later.

27 thoughts on “No Rest For The Bewbs or Me!!!

  1. Congrats Brandie and best of luck on finding the perfect place in NY! I loved living there for four years right after grad school but just hearing you say you are looking for an apartment brought about near nightsweats! I hope the cosmos align for the perfect place at a reasonable fee. And best wishes for the continued riddance of Morte et al!

    1. Thank you, I and the kids are so excited, we just can’t wait!! I know something will pop 😉

  2. Woo! Gosh. Sorry. and really sorry. But you will rock it, all of it!!

    1. Well… I’m sure bout rock…. definitely going to do it ALL!!!

  3. You’re amazing Brandie. I love your positive outlook and I’m sure that the perfect apartment will fall into your lap through your many connections! I can’t believe it hasn’t already… I’m looking forward to learning more about your new gig, and my thoughts are with you as you go through this next round.

    1. Anytime you want to learn about IML just holler!! It’s sooo xciting and thank you!! Soooo much fun!!

  4. Wow, so much ahead of you! some exciting new doors to be opened yet 🙂 some other things that at times might feel filled with uncertainty. But keep your Faith, and trust in someone above that will help you get through everything! I think by now you know: You’re not alone; you have a huge extended-twitter family that loves you and we stay only “a tweet away”
    oxoxox J.

    1. Thank you, Jeannette!! I have the bestest community ever!! Y’all even impressed Dr. B yesterday, I showed her how wonderful y’all are and she is following along now 😉

  5. Glad to hear everything is going in the right direction! Can’t wait to have you in NYC!
    Check out for apartments, you can search by hood and price. It’s at the brokers use to find listings, so all the good stuff!

    1. Thank you Merlin!! I can’t wait to be in NY… beers for us soon!!

  6. Fantastic to meet you in person at the #140MTL! Congrats on your new gig with #TheLabNYC! I for one am super-excited about harnessing the power of SeeSaw.
    Sending BewbLove vibes for the next phase of treatment <3 <3

    1. JC, meeting you was utterly fantastic!! Can’t wait for it to happen again!! Thank you for the best wishes, I am already having a blast with #TheLabNYC

  7. I’ve always liked NapTime. I’ll keep praying for you, and that Morte & co. were properly convinced they’re not welcome.
    Best in everything, now and as your adventure with #TheLabNYC / #WestmovesEast progresses!

    1. Thanks, Mark! Yes, I have become quite fond of NapTime, well, sorta… and thank you!! Can’t wait for my residence into the Big Bad Apple!

  8. Wow! This sounds like quite the week! Glad I was able to read the whole thing in. But I was directed here by a link saying there was a coupon for 20% off penguin food. But now I really feel compelled to invest in checking in here again! Now, if you know the link to that coupon….

    1. Hmmm, Penguin food, darn it, I thought I was using the link for discount Yeti snacks. Are your sure about the link, Ty? And it’s for 45% off, which I felt was a rather groovy deal.

  9. Your attitude will continue to take you far, Brandie! Congratulations on all your adventures! Go, you!

  10. Wishing you all the best on the move, the new job, the new home. Hopefully Morte and company is gone forever. Best! Best! Best to you!

    1. Thank you, Diane! Looking forward to all the adventures 😉 and our further conversations!!

  11. Yeah Brandie – wonderful news all the way around. And stoked you are hooked up with my Chicago gal Rachel 🙂 I’m going to have to visit you once you get settled. Good luck with the apartment hunt – I know you’ll land on your feet. PS I’d be in on the penguin food deal if it comes to fruition. XOXO

    1. Can’t wait for you to come visit!! I adore Rachel and I’m sooo ready to hang with her some more!!

  12. Congratulations Brandi! I met Robert at SOBcon and thought his business concept sounded pretty cool!

    1. Thank you, Patrick!! IML is going to be fantastic!! We will need to compare notes soon on our respective new gigs!!

  13. So awesome that the new gig is going to work out for you in NYC. Can’t wait to read more about your new venture.

    1. Thank you Marty!! Sooo bummed we are missing each other!! Sooon!!

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