The GREAT Move!!! #WestmovesEast

The last few weeks have been a flurry of crazy, chaos and excitement!! In adddition to my new gig with Internet Medial Labs, starting chemo and graduating The Elusive Teen from high school… we have been packing, making arrangements and counting down the days…

That’s right, I am packing up the kids, the cat and moving to New York!! Planning a cross country move has been challenging to say the least.B While I have been dictatorial directing the kids in the packing and doing most of the work from the comforts of my bed.B There is also, the rental car to arrange ( Yes, we are driving to New York), attempting to find a way to transport what little we are taking and finding a place to live and making sure my medical needs are handled.

Graduation done, gown tossed carelessly...ready to move!!

I have been planning this move for a couple of years and therefore, don’t have that much to take.B We are even paring down that further.B Not taking much of our furniture, donating huge amounts of clothes to Good Will and deciding what will go into the storage container or the car.
I have everything planned, when to turn things off, when to start transferring things to be on the road, copies of medical records to go with us, dates all set and little wiggle room for going off schedule.B Sadly, this all came to a screeching halt on Friday.B The storage container was supposed to be delivered that day.B That would leave us 3 days to fill it and have it picked up.B It would then be transported to NY within the next couple of weeks.B It is now Sunday morning and there are still no arrangements for the container to be delivered.B ARGH!!! I spent most of Friday on the phone with U-Haul.B 12 phone calls to be exact, 4 different phone numbers called, spoke to a manager and finally, so frustrated sent a tweet.B To their credit @Uhaul_Cares, responded quickly to the tweet with an email address and an apology.B I dutifully sent an email with all the details and was promptly called and sent to someone else.B While this person, profusely apologized, she then passed the buck to the local people who were supposed to have done the job right in the first place.B At this point, I was so livid ( It was 4pm on a Friday afternoon) that an apology wasn’t enough, I wanted more.B When the call was dropped mid-conversation, I fully expected to be called back or at least emailed( they have my number, my email and even my twitter, it wasn’t to much to expect for them to put some effort into their customer service, rite??).B It is now Sunday morning, I have yet to hear from anyone.B I am now looking into alternatives.B At such short notice, I am rather discouraged, as I have 3 days to accomplish this as I need to be out of my current apartment by the morning of the 14th. *sigh*
As for the rest, I am confident the kids can complete the packing today. We clean all day tomorrow, make the dump run and the final Good Will run and we are ready to begin!!
Almost done...

#WestmovesEast will be an amazing trip!!! I am so excited! H sadly will be missing this roadtrip as he heads to Missouri for the Summer( He would rather be there, truthfully).B This has turned into an all girls trip!! Even the Cat is female 😉 I have told both girls that the trip is going to be well documented and that both will be included.B Y’all know The Elusive Teen and I will be happily introducing, her girlfriend, Sunshine along the way!!
Sneakin in a quick snap.... The Elusive Teen & Sunshine!!

I know for sure a few of our stops!! Our first stop will be Salt Lake City, where I am hoping for breakfast with a really good friend of mine, Trent and his wife!! We will then be headed across the Plains to Milwaukee!! I have been dying for 2 years to try out AJ Bombers!! So, a little jaunt out of our way isn’t uncalled for! There are also, several friends in Milwaukee that I hope will be joining us!! After that we are going to cruise into Chicago for a short visit.B The roadtrip, gets a little vague after that…. I know we will have to spend one more night on the road, just not sure where it will be!!
It’s been quite awhile since I have driven across the country and rather than plan out a full detailed kinda thing, we just let the Google map set our route and we will just kinda meander down it!! We want to be able to stop when ever and where ever!! Of course, if y’all have suggestions, let us know!!

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I know that I am going to be tired and probably a little sick, for me this will be a chance to hang with my girls, see the country, meet some amazing Twitter friends and an amazing start to a new journey in New York!!

20 thoughts on “The GREAT Move!!! #WestmovesEast

  1. OMG. Customer service hell. But keep driving toward that rainbow. We have those in NYC. I posted a couple of double rainbow pics the other night. So double good luck.

    1. Aww, thanks Linda!! Yup… just rolling with it!! I loved ur double rainbow pics!! Can’t wait to be on the road!!

  2. Ahem.
    And you better plan to stop in Akron or Margie will probably hunt you down and finish you off herself…. 🙂

    1. I am already in the chats with M about that!! Hoping to work it out! Also, I had better see you when I’m in Chicago!!

  3. Toronto is on the way isn’t it? It can be. Just sayin…

    1. Umm, Sam, I know that I am directionally challenged and all… pretty sure Toronto is NOT on the way!! Not even sure I could get that lost!! Altho, between, The Elusive Teen, Sunshine & I it could happy!!

  4. Wow…such an amazing adventure. Thinking lots about you and your family as you start this journey. Be safe as you travel.

    1. Thank you, Jane!! We are looking forward to this 😉

  5. And of course, I’ll probably be in NY by the time you get to Chicago. Either way, I look forward to seeing more of you in person and not just on Skype and Twitter. Nothing wrong with that, but coffee in person is unbeatable.

    1. ROFL!! Story of our lives… we will always have skype 😉 and soon we will actually be in the same City!!

  6. I am sad to say (as I did in email earlier today) that I won’t be here to meet you when you travel to SLC next weekend. We will have to plan an NYC meetup after you get settled in.
    Hope you have safe travels and thank you for being a voice of support – with all that you have going on in your life, it’s very much appreciated by this person who wants to make things better in life.

  7. Do you know about when you’ll be in Milwaukee to try @ajbombers? They are on my “must try” list as well 🙂

    1. We are thinking we should be there by the weekend and yes, AJ Bombers has been taunting me with their burgers and fries for a couple of years, I can’t wait and am already salivating!! Don’t worry, pics will be forthcoming!!

  8. So excited to be on the list of stops your making! Can’t wait to meet the rest of your family. Thanks for being sucha great friend, and an even more amazing woman!

  9. Outstanding! I mean obviously not the U-Hell shambles, but the promise of NYC eclipses all barriers, I hope? 🙂
    We will of course party when you get here but enjoy every aspect of the journey until then. If it were always about the destination, we’d take a flight everywhere. Happy trails!

    1. Thanks… crazy and chaos aside, the journey will be outstanding and the arrival nothing short of spectacular!!

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