It's True, I Do Have Favourites!!

My Chat Screen

A few weeks ago, I created a list with my top chats, these are chats that I frequent, hashtags I watch and yes, there are 50 of them.B I was then challenged to cut that list down to 10!! *GASP*B Not one to back away from a challenge, I promptly accepted.
The original list was selected based on my goals and my Social Strategy.B They are chats that generally have topics that I can relate, too and find good business/life value from.B The hosts/moderators run a great chat.B The community built around the chat is generally really good and runs from Small Biz owners to Corporate Hounds.
In order, to narrow my list down and since I had already factored in the above criteria, I needed to bring in some other variables to cut my list down even further….
For Full disclosure… I have taken #BizForum, #SWChat and #CMGRHangout completely out of the running, since I am involved with them, it would seem like I was playing favs with Sam, David and Tim. Even though they are my fav’s and run great chats!!
After careful consideration, I have based the following selection of my favourite chats on the following:
No matter the topic, I am in the chat *Unless it’s about Pinterest, Sorry, just can’t have anymore chats about it*
Not only do they maintain their community, they continue to grow it and sustain it with fresh information.B That means, I am meeting new people and learning more about the people in the chat each week.B I love getting fresh perspectives, destroying my own perceptions and being challenged to think differently.
Lastly, I will be in the chat, coz I know the questions are informative, well thought out and the host/Moderator is agile enough to see the conversation swing in a way that doesn’t follow the script and is able to “roll with it” and ask additional questions.B That being said, it’s ok to have your questions and want to maintain that conversation, yet it’s Twitter, you need to be able read your community and the audience.B Entice out the lurkers!!
Soooo…. here are my 10 Chats:
#Blogchat- @MackCollier Sunday
#SocialChat- @Aknecht & @SocialMichelleR Monday 8pm EST
#InfluenceChat- @Berkson0 & @FredMcMillens Alternate Tues 12pm Est
#CustServ- @MarshaCollier & @JeffreyJKingman Tues 9pm EST
#GetRealChat- @PamMktNut Tues 9pm EST
#BrandChat- @BrandChat & @MariaDuron Wed 11am EST
#Tchat- @TalentCulture & @MeghanMBiro & Team Wed 7pm EST
#SMMeasure- @40Deuce Thurs 12pm EST
#HBRchat- @HBRexchange Thurs 1pm EST
#MediaChat- @Kilby76 Thurs 10pm EST
Those are my 10 chats….. it was harder than I thought to narrow my list down, mostly since I usually base my chats on topic and my own personal workload.B I fully accept that I am a #ChatAddict and happily recommend chats to people, usually after asking a couple of questions.B The above chats I would add to any list and or recommendation.
Much thanks to Collin for issuing this irresistible challenge!!

3 thoughts on “It's True, I Do Have Favourites!!

  1. Brandie thank you so much for the #Blogchat mention, I always love seeing you there! Your list is a great reminder that I need to be more involved in these chats, you always find the best ones!

    1. Mack, BlogChat was the very first chat, that I not only participated in, but learned from and continuously learn from. It’s also, the one, I send Newbs, too!! Thank you so much, you get it and see how to run a successful chat!!

  2. Thanks so much for putting this much narrower list together, Brandie! Now I just have to make some time to attend all of them and check them out for myself. I’m only a regular in #BlogChat and #LikeableChat right now.

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