Getting My Social Back via #NMX

Soooo, what’s a girl to do when wavering about getting back into something that was a passion and is no longer??? She attends #NMX, of course!!!
I completely and utterly shocked several people, after being offline for the last several months (I’ll tell you bout that later)!! Frankly, I shocked myself, I had no intention of attending #NMX.B I am thinking I owe Sam a very huge Thank You!! I have been slowly working my way back online, wavering back and forth as to whether I wanted to commit or switch careers.B I just wasn’t feeling passionate or interested in being Social or being in the SocialVerse.
Totally crazy and amazing!!! If you are ever doubting what you do, what you love or are passionate about…. go hang out with people that share your passion!! Find those people that are excited and just enjoy the conversation, energy and creativity flowing around you!!
This year, was my second #NMX and was soo much better then before.B I’ve been trying to figure out why.B It’s possible that I have changed so much from last year, this year, I was definitely a lot lost or perhaps, it was the people… I met so many new people!! Yes, many that were there speaking or attending, I knew and had met, talked to, shared meals with and were happy to connect again!! Yet, so many, I hadn’t met, had no idea who they were and whoa, did I make some amazing connects!!!

Happy Girl with @samfiorella, @Milaspage & @tinu

As what normally happens at a Social Conference, I didn’t make a lot of sessions!! Each morning, I went through the schedule and chose sessions from topic or speaker and tried to make those.B There weren’t a lot of sessions that I wanted to sit in on based on the topic, but the speakers… there were several!! Most I had not seen speak before and was excited about that and then there were my favs that I love hearing speak.B Even doing that, I only made it to couple of sessions!! Mostly coz I got drawn into some amazing conversations, meeting people…
That then led to small and intimate dinners or meandering down, err up? to Starbucks to gather some more details!! Luv that, I still made it to the networking events, but always had meals with four or five people!! It was these little intimate dinners/coffees that not only was biz discussed but interests and sense of humour quirks really came out!!B I even spent an amazing dinner with Diane and Steve Brogan from Mom Pop Wow!!
The amazing @Hashtracking making sure I am hashtagging #NMX!!
The amazing @Hashtracking making sure I am hashtagging #NMX!!

Jure & I with his newly acquired "Wilson"from @Readz!!
Jure & I with his newly acquired “Wilson”from @Readz!!

Amazing Readz Party with Anne Weiskopf, Sam Fiorella, Jen, Phil Hollows
Amazing Readz Party with Anne Weiskopf, Sam Fiorella, Jen, Phil Hollows

I totally borrowed all these pics!! I discovered that I really didn’t take that many, except this really cool one of Wine!! Thanks, Readz for hosting such a great event and Anne, my new Bestie, for dragging me along!!

13 thoughts on “Getting My Social Back via #NMX

  1. Hey, you didn’t mention me! The Readz party was great. It was nice to catch up, though you totally monopolized Jure and Same.

    1. The Readz party totally rocked!! It was so great to see you!! I can’t wait to get back to NY and really sit down with you! As for Sam and Jure, they were keeping me from mischief 😉

  2. So nice to have you back on the Social scene. I love your energy, your enthusiasm and your creativity. How’s that song go? “It’s so nice to have you back where you belong.” Welcome back Brandie.

  3. Welcome back!! Although how anyone could resist those folks you named is beyond me… The legendary Anne & Tinu alone (it’s like trying not to laugh so hard you pee in your pants all night…)
    Happy #NMX brought you back to your social spot. Just a tad jealous as well! 🙂

    1. I’m pretty sure that I did pee my pants a little!! Anne & Tinu were hysterical!! And, you were soooo missed!!

  4. Glad you opted to double-down on social Brandie, though I’m not sure it’s wise to be hanging out with the likes of that Fiorella chap… 😉 Great to have you back in full swing!

    1. ROFL!! Actually, Steve, it was never my intent to attend either of those events it’s totally Sam’s fault I was there!!

    1. ROFL!! This is what happens when you hang with me!! Now everyone knows what Hashtracking looks like!!

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