Job Hunting, Resume Not Needed

I popped into #Tchat last nite as I’m wont to do, it’s a great chat with an amazing community, hosted by a wonderful friend!! The tweet that caught my eye was about paper resumes and job hunting.B Well, I’m job hunting and not doing a traditional resume!!
Turns out I’m not alone, Vala Afshar is seeking a marketer and he is solely using Twitter to get his applicants, I don’t know if he is going to be requiring a paper resume later on, I do know he is going to blog about his method and findings and I am curious to see what the end result is….B I really like this method.

This is "Old School" found @Offsite in NY
This is “Old School” found @Offsite in NY

This may not work for everyone or even every business, traditional methods may still work.B Only, I am no longer traditional and neither are many of my cohorts! We are starting to see this more and more, however it is still so new that most people are perplexed by the idea of a new digital resume.
In chatting with a friend, we have discussed this, labeling it “Digital Footprint”B My resume is completely online and easily found with several platforms that allow me to group everything together!! Check out my About.Me or my Twylah page…there you find my twitter, Facebook, blog and even my LinkedIn.B My reputation, my influence and my capabilities can all be found, weighted and measured with just a few clicks and waves of your mouse!!
However, I think it’s a little easier than that… Everyone acknowledges the different platforms, each platform needs to treat each Community & Audience differently.B Your use of each platform and your presence there should fit the needs of your brand, YOU, what your message is, level of engagement and interaction.B Keep in mind, we are talking only digital persona, a single dimension, the REAL person you can’t really get to know without some face time!! That being said… For most people, you can really get a good indepth glimpse of someone by completing the “Social Trifecta”
Borrowed from
Borrowed from

Sounds like some sort of Mob hit, rite?? Nah… easy enough, we know most people are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.B Looking at those three platforms as follows:

  • Twitter- conversations, sharing content, in-depth discussions via various TwitterChats (List of my favs)
  • Facebook- Sharing pictures, family and funnies, share content, keeping up with friends and family personal accomplishments & happenings
  • LinkedIn-Professional accomplishments, share content, online resume

Generally, by connecting with a person on all three platforms, you will get a very good idea of who a person is, learn about the dynamics that makes up their Social Footprint.B Granted, we all use Social differently and this theory works for most people but not all.B You are going to get that person that shares the same thing, at the same time across all three platforms or the person who keeps personal completely offline.B Spend some time, learn what you can on those platforms.
I digress, back to the paper resume, we are in a Digital World, companies are in transition learning that hiring people for their skillz isn’t the best thing, hire for fit and train.B You want your company to be Social, internally and externally, look in the space where people are being successful at being and doing social, choose from that sandbox.B For me, I’m a Social Gurl and surviving in the Digital World.

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    1. Thank you, Eric! It was great to have a chat with you!! Looking forward to more in the future!!

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