Clients, Apps and a New Town…Crazy Week Ahead!!

I’m in Austin.B Yea, that’s Austin, Texas.B I know, I know, what in the world? Well, I have an amazing friend and he offered me a place to crash and next week, Austin will be once again hosting the biggest interactive conference of the year.B So, it would seem fortuitous that I happen to be here!

Austin in the Morning!!
Austin in the Morning!!

I have been combing the #SXSW & #SXSWi hashtags for the last couple of weeks, to see who is going to be heading into town, which start ups are going to launch here! It’s quite the list I have!!
This year, I will be working with two different companies! What does that mean? Well, let me share with you the two companies…
Rawporter.B A fairly new company that had the foresight to see where social and #citizenjournalism are colliding and have created a way for the two to merge.B Rawporter is a way for you to share your pictures & videos and have them be watermarked and protected for you!! This means no more stealing borrowing of your pictures from Twitter or Facebook( which is illegal)!! Even better, your pictures can be purchased!! Flipside, looking for a particular picture? Do a quick search and find what you are looking for, purchase and easy peasy!! Pictures can be verified within the apps geo-location settings! Sounds cool, rite? It is! I spent quite a bit of time with the co-counders, Rob & Kevin and they are pretty awesomesauce!! Currently, looking for funding, they have brought me on to help with their Social and Marketing.B Look in a few weeks as we implement an amazing intern program!! We, also, have some fun things planned here in Austin as the whole team is headed in!!
My second client, Nestivity (make sure you click over and reserve your name)! A very cool new tool, coming out!! It will create “Nests” within your community and give you a clear, easier path to connect, engage and respond to people in your nests!! They are doing a webcast, March 5th, pre- SXSWi and will be showing demos! I’m pretty excited about this, and looking forward to sharing all about them while in Austin!!
As usual with conference prep, I have checked with people coming in, set up my calendar and checked my favourite apps.B This year, in addition to foursquare, I will be using Trendr! I fully admit, Linkedin is my weakest link and also, an incredibly powerful tool that I underutilize.B Trendr, will use my Li account and notify me of people that are close and then offer to connect us, OFFLINE!! Really awesome, rite? Trendr is currently working a Global campaign called #Meet2013! Check it out, download the app and meet away!!
Okay, so the apps, I have….

I have a plan and a strategy and the biggest thing I will be total flexible. I think that is the key to being at #SXSWi, being flexible.B I am really looking forward to being there with my Rawporter Team and the team from Nestivity!!
Which apps are you using?

2 thoughts on “Clients, Apps and a New Town…Crazy Week Ahead!!

  1. Brandi! A great list of apps and appreciate that you added us to the list. LinkedIn has a lot to add to the mix and we’re coming up with even more ways to leverage the API with a V2 in the works.
    Have a great SXSWi

    1. I am loving Trendr!! Can’t wait to use it while I’m at #SXSWi!! Let’s catch up soon, Peter!!

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