Quick Instagram that… Or NOT?

This pic was snapped of me, not unusual given my line of work and my propensity to enjoy being out at events… but this one….


Was snapped, randomly, by someone I don’t know, while I was out walking on the street to lunch and then posted to a friends FB wall, I wasn’t tagged or even identified.B To say that I was creeped out is an understatement, horrified is pretty apt!!
Then, I stopped to think about it… was my privacy violated? Yea.. kinda, more than I am normally comfortable with. Only, the guy that snapped the pic, was teasing his friend, my feelings or even myself didn’t come into his thoughts on this.B He didn’t consider the full ramifications of what he was doing.B How often do you snap a random pic and it has people in it that you don’t know and then post it??B Is that the same thing?
In the world of “Quick Instagram that sh*t” are we considering the privacy of others? My Golden Rule: If I don’t want it to public, don’t put it on Social!! If I’m out in a public place, does that mean I am fair game for being in YOUR picture or FourSquare checkin without my consent? ( I, do have 4sq rules, I don’t check in where I sleep or live) But, is my rule applicable to others? Should we now expect to have things posted without our permission?
Take for instance, the woman who posted a pic of a man, she was overhearing on the train boasting of his private life, she morally objected to his lifestyle and decided to be judge & jury and declare public shaming as the punishment!! What gave her that right? Have we, as a society crossed the line?
This is a huge area, and this is the first time I have been confronted with this… I am in a quandary, I make my life public, but that should be my choice with my rulez!!B I know what isB appropriate and I am careful about what I post, share about the people I am with (Ohh, I may tease Sam that I’m going to share certain pics).B I like to think I am respectful, I wouldn’t share anything, I wouldn’t want shared.
Obviously, I have more questions then any answers, this is a huge grey area and very situational! For me,B I have this horrible, violated feeling in my stomach and now I am asking you….
Where are the lines?
Do you have rules?
*BTW, I was on my way to a fab lunch with a really good friend, he has graciously allowed me to borrow the pic from his Facebook.B He was a little creeped out, too!!

6 thoughts on “Quick Instagram that… Or NOT?

  1. Here’s a couple of links to articles on when getting a photo release might be necessary. This, usually, is for photos that could be used commercially, not specifically about posting to social media.
    Because the focus of that photo is on you & your friend, yeah, the photographer/poster crossed a line by not getting permission. If it had been a crowd shot of lots of people around you, then it’d be less of a problem. Until someone takes up the legal case, though, this sort of thing probably will continue — if there are no negative consequences, then people will think it’s ok to do.

    1. Thanks for the great link, I agree, this is going to happen and I am positive that people aren’t going to slow down to get releases!! We are a social society and other people fascinate us, we want to share those people… It’s a huge grey area and different for every picture and person posting!!

  2. That would weird me out too! I have a hard and fast rule against posting someone else’s picture without their permission (unless I’m at a social media nerd conference and everyone expects to be plastered all over the web). And I never post unflattering pictures regardless.

    1. Lol!! Rite? I am totally with you! I expect my pic to be plastered all over if I’m at a conference and generally encourage!! I’m hoping we get the chance to have some fun pics together soon!!

  3. Hi Brandie! Interesting questions posed here. I’m wondering what the caption was (“…teasing his friend…”). In this case, you were not named and you pretty much are unidentifiable, except to those who really know you and could place you in that location (and are friend of the person who posted the shot.) I think it would have been creepier if he had identified you which might have made the picture ‘discover-able’ beyond this person’s Facebook connections group. We live in an Instagram world, I suppose. Not sure what is fair game anymore.

    1. Hiya Susan!! As with the case with many of us, my Friend and I share many mutual friends and industry peoples, so lots of overlap! I believe the photo was tagged “I see you” or some such utter nonsense!! Agree, would have been a lot creepier if he had tagged me, I think! I am not sure about any of this. It’s kind of like discussing the line of professional & personal. I think we are seeing new social norms being formed and many of us are unsure how to proceed without giving up that piece of ourselves we try to keep private!!

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