YES… You Can Rely on Me

B I am doing something today, that I don’t normally do…. I am writing this post!! Ok, yea, it’s been awhile… seriously! However, this post is different, in that it’s sponsored. Yes, you read that right and while it’s something I rarely do, I do occasionally do!! As you know, this doesn’t change a thing… the thoughts, opinions and words are all my own. Consider yourselves disclosed!!


Now, that we have that out of the way, let me share with you some amazingness!! I was asked to share some thoughts on Jason Mraz and his new album YES! I Style: "70's look"have a crazy and wild crush on this lovely man. Well, not him ( I’m not opposed to krushing on him, just his music got me first) just really, his MUSIC!!

I love love music, all different types, my playlists and all my songs are an eclectic, frenzic mess. Actually, since it’s me, I call my music tastes Organized Chaos!! And, Mr. Mraz plays in several of my playlists and after listening to his ENTIRE album, I can see that I am going to making some new additions to several of my lists.

Available on Itunes and you will see below, I’ve made it super easy for you to connect, share and see what else Mr. Mraz is doing!! He shares tons of other info, from his tours, his appearances and just his life.B It’s rather fascinating!!B It is rather amazing to see him share his passion and he is very passionate and humble and charming and… I could go on for days, please click a linky below and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed!! (official label channel) (official personal/documentary channel)

Now, his new album, YES.. it’s pretty fantastic, it’s wild and lovely and speaks to me!! I have been listening to the album pretty much all day and had to share my favourite song!!

“You Can Rely on Me”B This song really hit me, touched me!! Jason is very poignant and passionate ( he is with all his songs) I love the entire, album, really.. this one just spoke a little louder to me!! Especially, watching not a carefully crafted video telling a story, instead, we get to see Jason, singing, just singing. Not just singing, but weaving his story and music together, relaxed and smiling. You feel the power and love shining through!

Take a listen, buy the album and check out #SpreadYes on the interwebz!! And, if you get a chance to see this amazing man… do it!!