What is Facebook Trying to tell us now? Is it a Game Changer

In my day to day… I try to post to Facebook a few times…. fun articles, travel, coffee and then the more serious! I flip back and forth between desktop and mobile, some things are easier via desktop! I like Facebook, it keeps me amused and it’s a great resource for me, to see what everyone is doing, find fun events and network in some amazing groups!! Every so often, I will log on and *poof* Something is different…

This morning, I was posted a lovely article from Top Rank on Pinterest (You should go read it) and as I dropped the link in, Facebook asked me if I wanted to just create a post for News Feed

See that little box on the bottom? There is where you can tell FB to hide this post and it will only show up in News Feed and Search!


So, I checked with some people, checked the interwebz and looked on FB for an explanation… nothing! I found this lovely post in Tech Crunch from one of my favorite tech writers, Sarah about tagging but nothing on this! I’m totally speculating on this:

1. Making this choice, you can post more without having to affect your timeline and FB penalize you for spamming. We know FB has really started to penalize brands for the quality of their content, could this be another way?

2. Facebook has a grand schemeB plan to monetize even more and this step will make it easier for that by making boosted posts and events more visible in your timeline and other posts just in search/newsfeed

3. Facebook is just trying to make everyone crazy!

Tell me, what do you think and why do you think it? Is this going to help your Facebook strategy or hinder it?

Share your thoughts with me!