Ask Me My Story, I Will Show You My Bewbs and Tell You No Lies #BewbLuv Returns with Pinktober

It’s that time of year… almost Fall… have you started wondering how early the stores can put out the Christmas decorations (August), the great pumpkin spice debate is in full swing and who does serve the best wings for football games? All great questions with lots of different answers… except the pumpkin spice debate, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that tastes good made with pumpkin spice, except these little pumpkin cranberry muffins from Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee and I am still searching for the perfect football wings. As we are into the third week of September, I am already hearing the rumblings and grumblings of the rapidly approaching October or as it’s so fondly been called the last several years, Pinktober!

Depending on who you ask, who’s social media account you see, you may get some vehement support, maybe a sneer and the term ‘pinkwashing’ tossed out, some will ignore it or just give no reaction and keep scrolling, tossing out the word ‘slactivism’ as they scroll on by, stroll on by all the storefronts buying the cute little bracelets, tees, donating the $5.00 for a good cause. For those that have been touched by breast cancer, you will probably get a pretty strong reaction…. one way or the other, supporting or not supporting. I’ve written before on the topic. If I was a weaker person, I would just let it wash over me again this year and give everyone a pass and not comment. I am not weak. I’m going to pull out my old soapbox and give it a dusting off and climb on up. You don’t get a pass.
You don’t get a pass to scroll/ignore/not read any of my posts this Pinktober.


I didn’t get a pass when breast cancer picked my bewbs
I don’t get a pass every day when I get out of bed and see the scars in my mirror
I don’t get a pass twice a day when I have to take the medication that makes me sick, gives me all the hot flashes and somewhat krazy but keeps me cancer free
I don’t get a pass when I struggle with chemo brain and the lasting effects of the chemo 4 years later.
I don’t get a pass when I see another friend has been diagnosed or has lost the battle
I don’t get a pass every 6 months when I go back to the oncologist for cancer testing then wait anxiously for the results
I DO get to use my voice to share my story, to support the people that helped me, that help the men and women fighting cancer
So for 31 fucking days I am revoking your pass
So, this Pinktober, I will be bringing back the #BewbLuv!! I am STRONG and it’s my turn to give back, to use my voice and my story to help, to remember and to support. Want to hear more about my story, just ask… see my scars, just ask.
Keep in mind a few things… I support these charities year round, clearly with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month they are all doing special campaigns this month. I have researched these charities. I know what they do with their money, how they help cancer patients and they are creative and actually help people. I have personal and very tight connections to The Tutu Project and they are forever my favorite and foremost first charity ALWAYS.
I am incredibly biased and this is a highly personal and emotional topic. Be warned, get nasty or rude and I will delete and block you in a hot New York minute, I don’t have time for that. I will welcome conversation and thoughts and questions.
I am getting out my tutu’s now and putting away my soap box! That’s right… for the fourth year in a row, I am donning my Tutu and supporting my friends, Linda & Bob Carey at the Tutu Project and this year, I am asking you to help! It’ll be win/win. I am creating a fundraising page and if you help me, I get to go to NY and well, I really want to go to NY, pretty please!! So, I will asking, pleading and cajoling for you to donate… don’t have a tutu? That’s cool, I have several!! Get ready, we only have 10 days until the 1st and the fundraising begins!!