Let's Talk Public Relations, Analytics and Where to Learn More

For the last several years, the word on the twitters is that PR is no longer a necessary evil as social media and digital marketing have taken it’s place and from now on, we marketers that spend our time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can take over the duties of public relations. Whoa & what? I am a marketer and public relations is totally necessary and so is the data behind it, and while I dabble in PR it’s by no means my specialty or even a strength in my sparkly bag, so when I was asked to attend the Ragan PR Measurement Conference**, I jumped at the idea. Analytics and public relations, be still my geeky marketing heart!!

While I would love to attend the conference in person, it’s not meant to be so I’ll be attending virtually! I encourage you to join me since the conference is rapidly approaching. Unless you are in Miami or can be in Miami February 1-2nd!! I love a good virtual conference, no need to wear pants and your coffee is always fresh!!

Why would I, a hardcore social media marketer, want to attend a PR conference? B Well, for several reasons. One, Ragan has brought in several amazing and wicked, smart, speakers from businesses that are doing krazy good PR for their companies. For instance, Gregory Galant is the co-founder and CEO of Muck Rack.  Talk about the one place that has really married PR and Marketing!! Paul Berry is the director of corporate communications, advertising, and brand at Spirit Airlines. We all know the airline industry is easily the toughest space to do PR and has a very vocal audience! Brandi Boatner, is the digital experience manager for IBM’s Global Technology Services in New York City. Not only are these people speaking, but they are also sharing the data from their companies. Which brings me to my second reason for attending this conference, data. Bring me your tricks and tools!! Galant will be speaking on using data to pitch and build relationships. Berry will be talking authentic PR measurement, no impressions needed. Boatner is talking about understanding your customers through data and measurement can increase retention and turn customers into advocates ( I’m unquestionably excited for this session, and it’s the keynote)

Finally, I love attending conferences, they are the best place to meet people and really get focused. B Even though I will be at home, I can still meet the peoples. I will be following and interacting with the hashtag, #RaganMeasure. This is not only a benefit for me but for my community as well as I share out tasty tidbits and links!

Want to learn more about the conference, find out how you can attend either in person or virtual or want to learn more about the speakers? 
Click here on this spiffy link!!

Make sure you check out the hashtag and join me on Twitter for some fun during the conference!! Now, who knows how to take virtual selfie??

** In exchange for the virtual conference ticket I was asked to write two blog posts, thoughts, opinions, and tweeting are all my own thoughts, feelings, and ideas.
*** The wonderful people at Ragan have given all my readers a special $100 discount on the conference Click Here