When Fashion and Art Collide

When I relocated to Tampa, I was thrilled to be moving to such an art invested city! Well, the sunshine and beaches were a bonus, too! Back to the art…. Tampa is full of museums and artists. Sculptures and murals can be found on almost every corner. This makes for not only a bright and colorful world, it also, means our museums have amazing art, people are passionate about it and want to bring it to our town for everyone. Local and International artists of every medium can be found.
Such brilliance was shared with me, last week! A wonderful friend, sweetly asked if I wanted to go on a private tour of the Tampa Museum of Art’s newest installation. Of course, I said, yes! Private, Art and friend. 3 of my favorite things.

I’ve visited the Tampa Bay Museum of Art many times and love how they curate their collections! I was excited and knew whatever I was about to see was going to be awesome! Little did I know it would be mindblowing!

With a small group of specially invited people, we were lead upstairs and to a smallish gallery in the back! I could see shimmers and sparkles as we approached. I was thrilled to walk into a magical space of fashion. A collection curated and detailed right down to the last eyelash of iconic outfits from the magnificent Susanne Bartsch.

Carefully curated from Susanne’s own 30-year career and designer ensembles. Tampa Museum of Art presents this year’s CITY “the queen of New York City nightlife.”
Susanne has been an icon in the fashion industry, inspiring art and fashion internationally. She has been the muse to fashion designer. Her kickerstarter-funded documentary, Susanne Bartsch: On Top debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and won the John Schlesinger Award.
From Tampa Bay Museum of Art website CITY is “An emulsion of fashion and culture, CITY is the signature fashion event at the Tampa Museum of Art that raises funds annually to bring art and arts education programs for visitors of all ages to our community.

In 2017, CITY will be a fashion event in performance art style, a departure from a typical runway show, with Susanne Bartsch at the epicenter. Interactive vignettes each created and styled by a different designer b will feature new looks inspired by Bartschbs eccentric, avant-garde style and her impact on club kid culture, past and present.”
Here is the best part…. you can get tickets for the fashion event and be part of the action in the museum! Just go here. Purchase your ticket and on September 9th, you can marvel in the fashion and culture.
Of course, if you can’t make it to CITY, you can see the exhibit of 40 designer looks through November 12th. I had a fabulous time, learning about the exhibit from the Curator that was able to secure and put together the collection. You must go!