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A few weeks ago, a friend reached out to me! He was noodling a new idea. I was totally happy to help. Even after he said it’s a video series! He graciously asked me to be the first in his videos series on the evolution of social media. This first episode is to cover a wide variety of topics with subsequent episodes talking with experts in particular fields.
My friend, Peter Davison with Digital Story Co and his new series The Evolution of Social. We spent a few minutes reminiscing, remember when we started and when we met and it’s been almost 10 years that I’ve been working around twitter, facebook, and marketing! From there our conversation talks about social media, the platforms, and where social is heading. While we could talk for hours on this topic, we limited ourselves to a little under an hour.
For the rest of the year, Peter will be talking with several industry experts on a variety of topics. Some include Sarah Nagel from Sprout Social talking brand advocacy ( this will open Zoom for you) and Erika Heald about content and content strategy!
There is even a contest… introduce a guest and topic and if Peter has your guest and topic you will get a prize!!
If you want to see my conversation on the Evolution of Social… go here! You can get the links and follow the conversation on Twitter using #EvofSocial I hope you enjoy and will join in for the rest of the series! I’ve included a ton of links so you can follow and connect with all involved!!

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  1. On behalf of Ross and I — It was great to have you on the show ..even with all the kinks that go along with launching a new series. We sure did cover off a lot of interesting topics especially for those people that need either a refresher or just joining in on social media.

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