Turkey, Writing and Reading- 5 Books I’m Reading for Business

In case you have forgotten, I am an avid reader. I love books. All books and reading to improve business is important. The holidays for me, mean more hours to read. In between games, cooking and a post-turkey walk, I can stay up late reading, I can read while waiting for to baste the turkey for the millionth time. Anyway, you get my meaning. I thought this year, I would share with you what I’ll be reading next week and maybe y’all will share with me what you are reading…. I love adding to my never-ending list.

For some reason, I am a hard-copy, must have it in my hands kind of girl for reading business books. I have a kindle and kindle unlimited. For business, tho, I want them in my hot little hands. I am working on increasing my content writing business and strategy, so I am taking this time to focus on that. Improving my content writing and being more creative.
Here are the 5 books I am going to be reading!
Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. I’ve read this before, but it’s so exceptional and insightful that I am reading it again. If you haven’t read Content Rules, read that, too.
Killing Marketing* by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. I saw Joe speak last month and OMG, LOVE. He changed my whole perspective. I recommend all their books. Yes, I have read them all.
Blog 2 Book by Cathy Fyock. This is repurposing content. I am a big fan of using content over again, people absorb information all sorts of ways, and I’d like to be better at this. The back says this is a guide to create your own book.
Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. I have loved Steve Martin for years as a superb comedian and actor. I found out a few years ago; he’s an author. Squeee!! This is more of a biography than fiction.
Good Enough Now by Jessica Pettitt. I met Jess last year, and this book is her gift to the world. She is funny and passionate and heartfelt. She wants you to help you be the best version of yourself you can be.
I’ve included links to Amazon to all the books. They aren’t affiliate links and IB don’t get anything. I just think you should read these books. I’ve linked to everyone’s Twitter so you can connect. You must connect. In addition to being brilliant authors, all of these people are smart, generous and lovely people!! #FanGirl
Did you think I would have all writing books? Nah, to fire my creativity and recharge I read a variety of topics and books. I might even head down to the library and check out the selection there!
What are you reading now and what do you recommend?
* I am waiting for Killing Marketing to arrive, I don’t have it yet.