Ragan Disney, Why I Am Attending and What I Hope To Learn

I am a strong believer in education. You should always be learning, reading and discussing your passions, your job, and life. As a #LadyBoss and owning my own business, this means in addition to making sure I provide the best content and services for my clients, I must also, spend time improving myself.

Learning is different for everyone, for me, a serious introvert itbs online classes, FB groups, and books. Lots and lots of books!! However, I do on occasion, venture out of my home office and meet friends for coffee and conversation or attend a conference.

I am super lucky this year to be attending Ragan’s Social Media conference at Walt Disney World. Every so often, I will apply or ask for a press pass and receive it. So in addition to writing a few blog posts, I will also, be live tweeting the conference. I am hoping for a couple of live stream thoughts and impressions on the spot!

With the conference still, 6 weeks away, I am just starting my prep to attend. First, I get my links together. That’s right, Y’all I have a special link just for you. If you are in social media or marketing I suggest that you attend, this will be one of the most informative conferences you can attend. If you can’t attend, bookmark the hashtag so you can follow along!! 

Other things I do to prep for the conference:

Create a twitter list. This list will have all the speaker, Ragan, and any of the attendees that are already tweeting about it. I do this for a few reasons, one it allows me to connect with the speakers ahead of time so I can learn more about them, what they speak about and their expertise. Same for other attendees, this way, I know who is going and can reach out ahead of time and meet people. Even though I am not attending this conference alone ( Canbt wait to see Anh! ) I need to work towards being social.

Check my travel bag. I have a bag that I use for traveling. It has my travel computer, iPad, snacks and my Nerd Bag with all my goodies in it. I want to make sure all my cords work, everything is charged, my snacks are stocked. I tend to get the Hangry so I keep snacks. I also, have my bMagicb bag. Full of band-aids, cough drops, tissues and all sorts of miscellany.

A fresh notebook, pencils, pen, and sharpies! I’m old school and still take hand-written notes with a pencil. Sharpies for everything. I love pencils and pens. Pens are great for jotting a phone number, room number on sticky note to share with friends.

What am I looking to learn? There are so many amazing speakers!! I am hoping to learn more about mobile marketing from the mobile first panel, storytelling from Thomas Smith Editorial content director Disney Parks and how to engage your audience Terry Hurlbutt Vice president and general manager of digital Good Morning America’s Jake Jacobson Director of PR Children’s Mercy Kansas City.B I am hoping to interview a couple of people for a blog post, too.

All of this helps get me ready to learn, to step out of my comfort zone and to have fun! I’m especially lucky for this conference, it’s on property at Walt Disney World, I have friends that are also attending and it will be my first conference of 2019!! So, come attend with me (click here) or follow along with me on Twitter and Instagram and with the hashtag #RaganDisney. I hope to see you there and if I don’t, tweet me with any questions you may have for when I am live tweeting and I’ll try to get you some answers!!

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  1. Love the prep you’re putting into this and the ‘Nerd Bag!’ Can’t wait to be at the conference and learn along with you!

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