Working Remote. Tools, Tricks, and Travel

Most of my days, start with deciding if it’s a pants or no pants day with my coffee. The benefit of working from home and owning my own business. After almost a decade of working remotely, I’ve learned what works best for me. This includes when I travel. Yes, one of my favorite aspects of owning my own company, working remotely and being an entrepreneur, I get to travel! How does that change my day, my processes and affect my clients? 

The biggest answer?

It doesn’t. Except for that pants part, pants are always on when traveling. Over the years, through trial and error, I have developed systems the I use to keep my business on track and successful. The only thing that changes when I travel, is my view.

Keeping me on track and connected are several different tools!

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite tech tools and programs I use for, some are only for when I travel, most help keep my business running effectively! I’ve put all of the things on an Amazon list. I don’t get any money or anything when you click. I’ve just put it all together in case you want to add any of these things to your bag! 

When you travel, you want to keep things simple, light, and easy to use. Bonus if things have multiple uses. I am hyper-organized with back-ups of my back-ups. Thank you, OCD! I have essentially created my home office to be mobile. I have tested many tech items and these are my favorites, they are all highly rated for longevity, power, and usefulness. Even better, everything fits into a simple, comfortable backpack, that slides right under an airline seat or next to me on the train. The wi-fi part is getting easier, many hotels, coffee shops, trains, and planes all offer free or low-cost internet.

For my tech, everything fits nicely together along with my notebooks and pencil, with cords/plugs in a lovely Nerd Bag from the Nerdy BFF:

  • Yoga 2n1 laptop- light, fast and works as a laptop and tablet. LOVE IT
  • Ipad- I like to watch movies or listen to music when I work, this was the easiest solution
  • Bose wireless earbuds- See above or when I have phone calls. I do have back up wired
  • Mini surge protector- This allows me to plug in multiple things while only using a single plug and keeps my tech safe
  • Anker cords- These are amazing. They last longer and nicely priced
  • Karma Go Wi-fi- While this only works in the US, it’s nice to have your own hotspot. 
  • A few months ago, I bought a water bottle with a filter and straws to travel with.

For my business, I use several online digital tools. I use them day to day and most of them I have been using since the start of my business or thereafter.

I occasionally add or stop using something. And, I am always, looking out for something that makes my life easier, adds value to my client’s business or my own. These tools, all work desktop, mobile, and sync themselves so it doesn’t matter where I am using, my data is all the same. Since I am duel techie, I use both Android and Apple products. All my tools need to work on both. 

For my digital tools:

  • Google- I used to be a diehard Microsoft girl but Google has won my heart. Easy to use, share, and understand. 
  • Dropbox- Everything goes here. Client files, backups, and I share with clients. 
  • Nimble– I have used Nimble from the start. It’s an amazing intuitive CRM. Their team is all about customer service and growing offerings.
  • Evernote- This is for me, to save everything. This is more personal 
  • 1password– This is new for me. I still store a backup of all my passwords and this is sometimes clunky to use.  It is super handy, tho!
  • This is a newish favorite for me! I love being able to dictate blog posts, ideas, and whatever and have them be automatically transcribed. Amazing freemium version and fab customer service!
  • Feedly- I have been using this forever. I organize all my favorite blogs, website, and news sources. I love love Feedly
  • Spotify- Music makes the heart sing. I have the paid version, nothing harshes your vibe worse than an annoying commercial. 

The last thing I do before hitting the road is use Google (Yup, I’m a total fangirl) to create lists of coffee shops, restaurants, points of interest in the city I am headed too. I do tend to carry the list over to Yelp as well, especially for the coffee shops. A solid coffee shop for me has reviews that rave about the coffee, atmosphere, and internet. In that order. I like to be able to work outside, walk around the city, and leave my hotel. I do this for a few reasons, it helps my anxiety to know I have work options if one is closed or something happens. It helps create the mindset for when I work if it’s at night or daytime. It helps get me excited to leave the hotel. Yes, I have no issue with working in the hotel and frequently, I will, In a new city, I sometimes have to push myself to get out. Knowing my options ahead of time helps. I may also, check my community and send out messages looking for friends in the city so I can make plans to hang out. Lastly, as a total Geeky-Nerd, I love knowing there are museums, spots of interest, and some history for me to explore. 

I realize that there is still a fair amount of novelty, mystery, and romanticism around the idea of being an entrepreneur and working remotely. No matter where I am, work is involved, dedication, and a lot of thoughtful organization to stay on track and be successful. I am very lucky and I work really hard to have my work-life balance and being a #digitaltourist! Keep in touch with me on Insta and Twitter! I’ll definitely be sharing my office views next week!