It’s not all sparkles and coffee!

A day in the life of a breast cancer survivor!

Every month, I go to the doctor and get refills on my medicines.

Every 90 days, I go to another doctor to get blood work and a shot.

Every 6 months, I go to another doctor to talk about how things are going. My health, my mental health, and what do I need.

Every 3-6 months, I need tune-up therapy ( 3 mos getting physical therapy) sometimes, I need a med adjustment.

Every month this costs $20.00-$1500.00 per month not covered by my insurance.

I have a solid medical team. They offer suggestions, make changes, they mostly play nicely together so I don’t die. They don’t just want me to be alive, they want me to have the best quality of life I can.

Yesterday. This is a solid 4-hour chunk of time. The Drs office and pharmacy both have wi-fi, so I can work. Which I do.

Yesterday was blood work and shot day! This day is a bit more stress-inducing than others…. blood work can go either way. Looks good or Let’s get the Doctor.

And, then, of course, there is the 4-inch needle they stick in my ass. It’s goo, btw, so it takes minutes to push all the drugs in. So the nurse and I make idle chit chat to pass the time, in that awkward tone of I know you are staring at my butt and don’t mean it.

I already have a lot of anxiety and well, shot days ramp it up a bazillion. This shot is hormone suppressing. So, the first day, I get a headache and ALL the emotions! So many emotions, my mind is constantly at war in trying to determine what I am actually feeling vs what the drug introduces emotions. I have a complete lack of trust from the constant betrayals of my mind and body! And, the anxiety sees this as the perfect time to get out the disco ball and throw a party in mind to really mix-it all up!

Back to yesterday…. the dude managed to fill the 5 vials of tainted blood with only 2 trys! WooT!! The shot went in smoothly and with just a slight pinch and I didn’t get a headache! So far WINNING!!

Final win of the day…. all my blood work is looking good. Yup, it was a nurse day, not a doctor day! This means, until next month, I am good to go. Hopefully.

My sparkles, tutu’s and coffee love are back at it again today! Don’t forget to join me Saturday over at 22nd St Coffee for their coffee-filled fundraiser for breast cancer! They are going to have some amazing coffee, fun people and your donation will make a difference! I’ll be there with my tutu, let’s grab a selfie and some coffee!! Bring your furbabies… I love a solid cuddle!!