Are you on the Internet? Change those Passwords!

New Year, New You? Nah, this isn’t that kind of post… 2020 has finally arrived. Ok, not such a thing, we knew it was coming and whilst it has been reminiscent of last year, and the argument of when the decade starts is a thing. Do you start at 0 or 1? Let’s not forget that Y2k was a thing and we all joked about the let down that the rise of the machines never happened and the years have just rolled over. However, with the incoming year, those of that live on the internet, work with clients that market using social media, it’s time to do a little housekeeping. 

Passwords. Being hacked is the deepest and greatest fear anyone has. Leaking secret pictures, getting locked out of your own account are the things nightmares are made of. Now is the time to carefully go through each account and reset the password and in most cases take the time to enable two-factor authentication. It’s not just the celebrities that get hacked. 

Permissions. While you are going through all your accounts, check to see which applications you have granted permissions to. Games, any tools, or even your phone. Revoke any you don’t use or don’t recognize. Or revoke everything and start again. Working with clients, check with them. It’s a good rule of thumb, anything over a year old isn’t being used. 

Subscriptions. Do you really know which subscriptions you have? Are you paying for things you are no longer using? Check those out. Which are really adding to your business and helping you. There is an app you can use, actually a few. I recommend taking the time for the first go around to go through everything!

Website. Check your copyright date. Check your passwords. Do all your updates. Check those bio pictures. 

Sure, you may have done some of this to wrap up the year. If you haven’t. Now is the time. Get your housekeeping done and make plans to keep it up during the year. Make some calendar appointments. Quarterly, check your bio, photo, passwords, and apps. It is a pain to change your passwords, it’s even more painful to be hacked and lose your accounts or your clients! 

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