#BewbLuv-My Breast Cancer Story

I created this page, to put all of my posts, pictures and everything else all in one place! Kind of a memorandum wall or whatever. Then, I kinda thought, I should give some background, just in case there are newbies here visiting!! Mebbe everyone doesn’t know about my interwebz famous bewbs!!

I have breast cancer! Yes, I said have, not had, not remission or even cured coz even though Morte is gone, the treatment is done and Dr. AKME has assured me the cancer is gone and I am done. I still have to live with it, I still battle it every day, I still have to talk about it and together we cry, laugh and share, My Life. Irrevocably intertwined with those words, for evermore.

A little over a year ago, I chose to be open, public and sharing, probably oversharing for some of you with everything. I wanted to be candid. I wanted to give an inside glimpse of what my journey was to become. Using my voice, my story.

It was the best and the worst decision of my life.
The worst, people changed towards me. I shared some very private, intimate and personal things. I opened myself up for judgment from everyone. Google has forever “indexed”my pain.
The best, people changed. Some of the best people I know, where there. ALWAYS. They helped when I didn’t even know I needed help. Google has forever “indexed”my bewbs!!
I did not share everything and in fact, went offline for several months. My brainz and my body needed all the energy just to survive. I had nothing left for anything else. I’ll probably share more of that time. There were and are other people involved in my story and I can’t/won’t talk about them here, nor share or discuss. Yes, they factor into my story, but I will respect and demand privacy with certain aspects of my life and theirs.
This is MY STORY, I am choosing to be open, to let you judge, condemn, celebrate and cry with me. I do not do this for your approval. I know my story needs to be told, to be shared.

On this page, I will attempt to link, attach and point to all the posts, pictures, stories and everything else associated with #BewbLuv. I will continue to share and write about it.

There is more to the story, more that needs to be told.

I am adding in all my pictures and all the pictures people have sent me, some have been seen before…. others have not, they are my first year, my hardest year…

Here are some of the foundations, charities that I have found on my journey. The places I went to seek help, guidance, and support! ( Or they are just soo very cool) These people make sure the money and support you send them, get to the women and families that truly need it!! They are all social, support them. You will not be sorry!! Please share them with your networks, you never know who may need help…

The Tutu Project FB Twitter
The Carey Foundation
The Pink Fund FB
I heart boobies