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  • Summary of a recent interview and video I did with Peter Davison and Digital Story Co.

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My friend, Peter Davison with Digital Story Co and his new series The Evolution of Social. We spent a few minutes reminiscing, remember when we started and when we met and itbs been almost 10 years that Ibve been working around twitter, facebook, and marketing! From there our conversation talks about social media, the platforms, and where social is heading. While we could talk for hours on this topic, we limited ourselves to a little under an hour.

For the rest of the year, Peter will be talking with several industry experts on a variety of topics. Some include Sarah Nagel from Sprout Social talking brand advocacy ( this will open Zoom for you) B and Erika Heald about content and content strategy!

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Goal: Improve Google ranking with keywords & SEO. Keep fresh content on the website

Old Hallows Eve has gone from a night of terror and ghosts to a bevy of spooky treats and death-defying culinary experiences. Halloween has turned into a night of adventure and unique experiences for all. Restaurants are spending the months before October concocting and creating tantalizing and terrifying drinks and meals! Weare sharing some of our favorite ideas that you still have time to create for your Spooky Halloween Nights!!

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Goals: Improve google ranking with SEO & keywords. Drive sign ups

I think one of the best sizzle reels I have seen is Ryan Estis. His sizzle reel is 8:36 minutes and includes a terrific combination of video of him in action, video of him speaking to the prospective client, video of audience members, testimonials, and music. It’s worth a look. We reached out to some event professionals to find out what they are looking for when hiring speakers for their events when watching your speaker sizzle reel.

Here are the top 10 tips for creating a speaker reel that will be watched and bring in more speaking engagements.